Why Botox is Growing in Popularity

Recently, the popularity of Botox treatments has been exponentially growing in popularity. Specifically, because more and more people are getting started with the treatments at a younger age. Preventative Botox is taking the world by storm!

The Botox industry has come a long way since the cosmetic benefits were discovered in the late 1900s and then brought into public use in the early 2000s. While initially, it was mainly Hollywood that invested in the treatments, they’re a lot more commonplace nowadays. So much so, that in the U.S. alone injectable use has risen by 40% in the past five years. 

It’s no surprise that more and more of the younger generations are enticed by the treatments though. With the rise in popular social media apps that allow you to edit and filter your pictures to change your appearance, why wouldn’t you want to do just that in the real world? Not just that, but the general awareness of what preventative Botox can do when it comes to warding off wrinkles has also increased ten-fold. 

So, let’s break things down. Firstly, what exactly is Botox and how does preventative Botox work? 

Aside from being a brand name, Botox is a neuromodulator that directly acts on motor neurons to reduce muscle activity. It blocks certain signals from nerves causing the muscle in question to not contract, meaning that wrinkles both relax and soften. When you’re young, your skin is quite elastic, so wrinkles smooth and fade once your muscle relaxes. However, when you’re older your skin loses some of its elasticity, causing wrinkles to form permanently. 

When it comes to preventative Botox, stopping these muscle movements effectively trains the face to avoid making them even when the Botox itself wears off. The earlier you start these treatments, the less likely it is for deep line wrinkles to develop.

What areas can Botox be used on?

Botox is most commonly used in various areas on the face. From in between your eyebrows to ‘crows feet’ and forehead wrinkles. The areas around your mouth can also be targeted, lifting the corners of your mouth, but that’s not all. Your chin and neck are both popular areas to Botox, whether you’re looking to enhance your jawline, smooth necklines or reduce the ‘pebbly’ effect that can occasionally occur on your chin. Another use of Botox is to reduce underarm sweating. 

Are there side effects? 

One of the reasons that Botox has become so popular, is that there aren’t any reported long-term side effects. Initially after treatment, it’s normal to have some bruising, but aside from that Botox has been used safely for many years now. 

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