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One food that holds a significant place in just about anyone’s hungry heart is pizza. Pizza is at the top of the list when it comes to achievement in the culinary world. Everyone loves pizza, am I right? Covered in delicious gooey melted cheese, on top of delicious artisan crust, various choices of topping layers, and succulent sauce, pizza is the ideal snack. Pizza is a very convenient meal that is not only delicious but healthy as well. It can be eaten at any time and is cheap and fast to put together. Pizza can also be delivered to your home through services like pizza delivery beverly hills, so that you don’t have to travel from your comfort zone out into the public to satisfy your hunger.

Is Pizza a Healthy Food Choice?

Many have warned that pizza does not belong on a healthy food list but contrary to belief, pizza is healthier then you’ve been told. Depending on how a pizza is made determines how healthy it is when being compared to unhealthy take-out. Listed below are ingredients that make a pizza healthy:

  • Cooking oil-free: There is less fat content in pizza because it is baked and not fried.
  • Ingredients that are healthy:

1) Vitamin-rich dough: Rather than white dough, pizza dough that is whole wheat is more common and is a much healthier choice which also provides a good source of fiber. Whole grain wheat provides folic acid which aids in the prevention of defects in unborn babies and is good for the formation of red blood cells as well as being a good source of vitamin B.

2) Onion toppings: Onions are common ingredients that contain potassium, calcium, iron, vitamin c, magnesium, and phosphorus. Onions aid in blood clotting and the prevention of high blood pressure by keeping your heart healthy, and providing antioxidants, as well as other benefits.

3) Fresh tomatoes: A common ingredient that makes pizza super tasty are tomatoes. Tomatoes fight cancer and reduce heart disease risks. They also contain high levels of the antioxidant lycopene.

4) Delicious cheeses: A delicious ingredient that is commonly used in pizza is cheese. Cheese is rich in vitamin B12, protein, zinc, calcium, and vitamin A.

5) Healthy meats: Meat is healthy for you as long as you avoid fatty meats. Meat is good for your blood, bones, air, and skin. It is a good source of selenium, iron, and zinc. Selenium breaks down chemicals and body fats, iron helps to transfer oxygen to various organs in your body as well as aiding in the formation of hemoglobin, and zinc helps with your metabolism as well as aiding in body tissue formation. There are an array of ingredients that can be added to your pizza for more healthier options like mushrooms, types of greens, carrots, as well as types of nuts.

Benefits of Eating Fresh Pizza

  • Lycopene can be absorbed better by eating pizza: Cooked tomatoes can help in the absorption of lycopene.
  • Pizza is a cancer fighter: Pizza can help in fighting certain cancers by adding a couple of slices to your diet more frequently.
  • Pizza is easy on your wallet: Pizza is cheap and easy to make.
  • It is healthier than fast food: Depending on the ingredients in your pizza like fresh veggies and whole wheat, pizza can be quite healthy.
  • Pizza can be eaten at any time: It is a healthy snack to eat during any meal.
  • It is rich in antioxidants: Pizza contains high levels of antioxidants.
  • Makes consuming vegetables is a lot easier: Pizza makes it easier to consume a healthy balance of vegetables.

Ways That Some Pizzas Healthier Than Others

Having a balance of healthy ingredients is beneficial. Homemade pizzas are much healthier than takeout because better topping choices can be made. Fresh non-fatty ingredients are encouraged for a healthy pizza.

Health complications can develop if you consume too much pizza that contains unhealthy ingredients and flour that is not whole grain. It is possible to eat too much protein or carbohydrates. Making pizza at home is the best option to gain control over what is on your pizza. The factors that make pizza unhealthy are how often it is eaten, type of ingredients, and the cooking method which is used.

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So, it depends on which ingredients, how it is prepared, where it is prepared, like the best pizza in Detroit area, Green Lantern, and what choices you are making to make pizza the healthiest option.


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