Why Women Should Consider Getting Individual Health Insurance Plans?

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Women are the epitome of perfection as they play so many roles in one lifetime. Women not only runs the family but also earns for them. In every field, women are walking together with men, in some cases, they are steps ahead of men. However, in all the rush of fulfilling duties, women forget to take care of their health. 

When it comes to diseases, just like men, women are also prone to several chronic ailments. According to studies, cancer and heart diseases are the main cause of death in females. And with the rise in the cost of basic healthcare, it is high time for women to get individual health insurance plans for themselves. With the help of a health plan from a reputable insurer, women can get the best treatment without worrying about their finances. A health insurancewill reduce one burden off their shoulders as they already have many things on their plate. Below we have mentioned in detail why women should get herself covered under health insurance plan:

Benefits of Buying Individual Health insurance plan for Herself

There are several benefits that women will be eligible for if they opt for an individual Mediclaim plan. Given below are some of the benefits that she can enjoy


  • Will Get Financial Support 


In today’s time when healthcare costs of a minor treatment can break the backbone of a common man, so just imagine what a major treatment of a chronic disease can do to the bank account of that person. Women who already have a lot of responsibility on their plate should definitely opt for a health plan for themselves. They will get a coverage that will help them financially and will take care of medical expenses and hospitalization bills in case of an unfortunate event. The coverage they will get will ensure that no unforeseen medical situation will hinder their savings. You will also get treatment at the best hospital by the best doctor, without worrying about the finances. 


  • Enjoy Tax Benefits 


Getting a proper treatment without worrying about finances is one of the major benefits that women will get if she opts for an individual health insurance. However, she will be eligible for other benefits like tax benefits. Under section 80 D of the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961, a policyholder of medical insurance plan will get tax benefits of up to Rs, 25,000/- on the premium paid towards the plan. So, you will also get tax benefits along with financial stability. 


  • Cashless hospitalization


With a health insurance plan, you will be eligible for cashless hospitalization at the network hospitals your insurance provider. All you need to do is get admitted to one of the network hospitals and provide them with necessary documents. Network hospitals will settle all the medical expenses incurred during the treatment directly with the insurance company. 

In The Nutshell!

With the above-mentioned abstract, you as a woman would understand that how important is it for you to get insured under the health plan. Also, we are living in the middle of the pandemic, so you should also buy a health insurance policy for overall protection.

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