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An annual health check includes an assessment of your medical history, tests, and physical examination. It is essential to have regular reviews to track your progress and identify any illnesses. You can benefit from a Boynton Beach annual physical at Nguyen Medical Group to help keep your health in prime position.

What to expect during an annual check-up

An annual physical is a routine check-up where your doctor examines your overall health and recommends treatment. It is the best time to talk to your doctor and share your expectation. Here, you will get the best advice on the importance of a check-up and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The doctor analyses your everyday lifestyle for diet, workout, and alcohol intake, smoking, and sexual health issues. You can also share your medical card and give a brief history of your family health issues to assess hereditary conditions. Remember to disclose to your doctor the medication you may be taking, over-the-counter medicines, and supplements.

Your doctor checks the blood pressure level, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature. Then, a visual analysis is conducted to ascertain the state of mental health. Here, the doctor may ask you several questions, examine your ears and note down your alertness level.

The doctor uses a stethoscope to listen to your heart to detect a murmur or unusual heartbeat. In addition, your health care physician examines the lungs and uses a stethoscope to listen. Any unusual wheezes, low breathing, and crackles are noted. 

Other checks cover the mouth, neck, throat, tonsils, teeth, sinuses, ears, and nose. The thyroid and lymph nodes are also examined.

Your specialist can apply different techniques and use special equipment such as a stethoscope to examine the stomach for fluids and tenderness. A neurological examination involves evaluation of the nerves, balance, muscle strength, and reflex. The skin test enables your doctor to identify dermatological issues and underlying conditions.

What tests are conducted during an annual check-up?

Your doctor may order several tests during an annual examination. These include blood count, urinalysis, cholesterol, or lipid tests. However, these tests depend on prevailing circumstances and may be conducted where underlying conditions exist. For overweight issues, your doctor may order a blood sugar test to rule out diabetes. Also, the Hepatitis C test is recommended for persons above 18 years.

A thorough assessment starts from the head to the toe, and your health care specialist may also conduct X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and EKG tests. Sometimes, the expert analyzes data from specialized devices such as a sleep monitor.

Are you the right candidate for an annual health check?

Anybody can go for annual health checks, but the frequency increases for people with underlying conditions. Also, check-ups are recommended if your family has a history of hereditary disease and chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. If you are healthy, you can maintain a positive lifestyle through exercise and eating a balanced diet.

An annual physical is a lifesaver and the best way to detect a problem. The findings are essential in determining the best treatment option. Contact the experts at Nguyen Medical Group for a consultative session.

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