Workplace accidents and injuries: Things you can ensure as an employee.

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Workplace accidents are very common across the World. In the United States, it is estimated that, on average, a workplace injury occurs every 10 seconds. Admittedly, a few workplaces and jobs are riskier and more hazardous, and others, such as a desk job, have a lesser risk of accidents or injuries compared to a labor-intensive open field job. Hence, the occurrence of worker injuries carries within job types, but workplace injuries do occur in all fields. Injuries can be major or minor, and so can the compensation associated with them. Yet, depending on the situation, a worker from any job industry, (i.e. more hazardous, or less hazardous) can ask for compensation for their injury under the Workers’ Compensation policy in the United States. 

The type of industry that you work in does greatly affect the risk of accident or injury associated with your work as some industries are undoubtedly riskier to work in compared to the others. This is why except for a very few industries in the United States, all industries are required to provide Worker insurance under the Workers’ Compensation insurance coverage. The accessibility and the range of the insurance coverage may vary from industry to industry due to the level of risks attached to the industry’s job. 

Some of the most risk-associated industries:

Logging industry:

The United States has a strong Logging industry and is even an exporter of logging products. Naturally, a lot of workers are employed in the logging industry. This industry is one of the more dangerous industries to work in, especially for the employees that are responsible for cutting and transporting the timber. Many of the injuries that occur are severe and some even result in the death of the logger(s). 

Reasons for the occurrence of the injuries are usually: 

  • Being struck by a log or tree,
  • Broken, defective, or malfunctioning tools and equipment,
  • Lack of safety protocols.

Construction Industry:

The construction industry is another huge industry in the United States. It also has a lot of risk factors involved and is one of the most hazardous job fields. The dangers associated with this field are represented by the fact that every year the construction industry amounts for the most worker fatalities compared to other job industries. Worker injuries at construction sites are very common, some minor and some major, that can also prove to be fatal. 

Common reasons for the occurrence of the injuries are usually:

  • Slip, trip, lose balance, or fall.
  • Falling from an elevated level.
  • Being struck by an object, tool, equipment.
  • Electrocution 
  • Getting stuck between heavy equipment, machinery, or construction rubble. 

A lot of workers are unaware of the rights they are entitled to as workers, and often do not hold the workplace or employer responsible for the financial damages caused to the worker by a workplace accident. A lot of workers doubt the cause of the accident and think they are not entitled to compensation even if they were partially at fault. Fortunately, these situations are not true. Under Workers’ Compensation policies, workers in almost all industries are entitled to workplace accident compensation if they get injured on the job, even if they are partially at fault.

If a company denies compensating a worker for an injury that occurred at the workplace, either the company is not following the rules, or in very rare cases the company is not entitled to workplace compensation. If you are a worker who has suffered a workplace injury and are facing difficulties in getting your due worker compensation, the best option is to hire a reliable workplace injury lawyer that can guide you better. “The working conditions and the compensations for workers due to on-job injuries have greatly improved under the Workers’ Compensation laws” states attorney Anthony Ivone, founding attorney of Costa Ivone Injury Lawyers


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