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When you experience difficulties when breathing, it is common for you to feel like you cannot inhale or exhale. You would also feel like your chest and airways are shutting down and you feel a squeezing sensation. Alexis Furze MD has experts in facial plastic surgery in Newport Beach and otolaryngology professionals offering their patients a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. Nasal complications like sinusitis and a deviated septum are a threat to your breathing and could negatively impact your life’s quality. Thanks to the facility’s innovative treatment options, you will not have to go through a surgical procedure if you are not ready for one.    

Otolaryngology services the facility’s professionals offer include:

Deviated Septum

Have you ever felt nasal congestion in one nostril, making nasal breathing a daunting task? You could be a victim of a deviated septum. You will develop breathing difficulty when your nasal septum that is supposed to be found between your nasal passages shifts on a single side, making it hard for you to breathe through the affected nostril.

There are various treatment options for a deviated septum and could either be permanent or temporary solutions. Some of the temporal measures that will help ease your symptoms include nasal dilators, decongestants, and nasal sprays. A permanent solution will prompt your doctor to perform septoplasty.

During the surgical procedure, your doctor reconstructs and repositions the affected nasal septum. Your surgeon will cut and remove specific parts of the thin walls and reinstates them in their exact position. If left untreated, this breathing condition could cause nosebleeds, congestion, snoring, and sleep apnea.


Snoring is a common occurrence and it is not usually an underlying infection’s symptom. You are likely to snore when you doze off because your mouth’s roof muscles, throat, and tongue relax during your sleep progression from light to deep. When the involved muscles relax, they will vibrate when you inhale, though, in some instances, it also occurs when you exhale.

Snoring ranges from mild to severe and you should immediately contact your doctor when it is loud and chronic, depriving you and your spouse a good night’s sleep. During treatment, your doctor will examine and evaluate your symptoms before coming up with a treatment plan that best suits your condition.


SINUVA nasal is your non-surgical treatment option if you are an adult and have previously had ethmoid sinus surgery and you have nasal polyps. You will develop these inflammatory growths if you are a victim of chronic sinusitis. During the treatment, your doctor will insert the ENT‘s sinus implant through your nostrils into the sinus cavity. Once inserted in the cavity, SINUVA expands and delivers the steroid directly to treat your polyps for 90days. The nasal implant softens over time and you can remove it after the stipulated period or as your doctor advises.

Nothing makes your breathing impossible like an air passage obstruction. From your nose’s structural problems to a postnasal drip, nasal complications will make you breathe shallow which means not enough air is getting through to your organs. Though most of your nasal worries are not symptoms of an underlying condition, immediately contact your doctor when your signs get severe, affecting your life. Book an appointment today for your reconstructive needs for further inquiries from the professionals.  

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