How to Select the Best Garage Floor Coating for Your Home

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The garage is just as much a part of your home as the kitchen. It deserves the same careful consideration and regular TLC to shine and look good to visitors.

One of the best ways to update an old garage is to get a new floor coating.

If you use your garage frequently, then it is very likely that the flooring has lost its durability because of continued exposure to moisture and chemicals. A new garage floor coating can fix it all to increase the floor’s durability.

Tips For Selecting The Ideal Floor Coating For Your Garage

We have the best tips to help you select the ideal floor coating like a pro.

Tip#1 – Determine Your Budget

Many types of garage floor coatings are available in the market, each with different pricing and unique pros and cons. It falls on you to select an option that fits your budget but also fulfills your needs for aesthetics and utility.

If you want to spend as little as possible, then garage floor paint will work fine to brighten up the place. Otherwise, you could go for the best floor coating for concrete, laid by a flooring expert.

Tip#2 – Create A List Of Things Your Garage Is Exposed To

Create a list of chemicals and substances your garage floor must routinely deal with. This step is necessary to determine which coating you will use and how much protection your floor will need. For example, an auto repair shop will need a different layer because of its exposure to oil, gasoline, or other chemicals.

Consider epoxy for better durability and chemical resistance.

Tip#3 Make Sure You Know How Long The Process Will Take

Time is crucial, especially if you have to sell or rent your house or run a garage shop. Moreover, many homeowners use the garage as car parking or the main entry to the home.

So make sure you are okay with how long the coating process will take. Ask your flooring professional when the garage will be usable again and plan accordingly.

If you are short on time, use polyaspartic coatings because epoxy floor coatings take considerable curing time, meaning your garage will be out of operation for at least a week. Tiles are also a good option if you want a quick coating, but they have less durability and life span.

Tip#4 Deal With The Limitations

You have to consider the limitations of coating before investing in it. Some coatings might not perform optimally at certain times of the year because it require the right temperatures. For instance, epoxy coating performs best with cold-temperature bonding.

Before selecting a suitable garage floor material, you must consider the local temperature. The epoxy garage floor coating requires a minimum temperature of 10-13°C to 50-55°C. Urethane garage flooring needs a minimum of 40°F or 4°C to apply.

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