3 Easy Tips To Choose The Right Tiles For Your Pool

The choice of swimming pool tiling will depend on the budget available, but also the tastes of the owners. The ideal will always be to choose a coating with excellent value for money. But for this, different characteristics will have to be taken into account. Which mainly include:

  1. Pay Attention To The Material

First of all, it is crucial to decide which material to go with. Today, the market is flooded with different tiles made of different materials, like:

Porcelain Stoneware

It is one of the most used materials which has experienced a wide diffusion in recent years.

Thanks to the multitude of formats and finishes it produced, and its high strength and durability.

Now, it is also provided with reduced thicknesses (a few millimeters), useful in case you want to optimize the space or cover existing floors without removing them.


It is the historical material for the creation of tiles, in particular, for the bathroom environment. There are many varieties available to compose the pool surface as per your taste. Sufficiently resistant, these tiles offer formats and finishes for all modern pool compositions and styles.


A valid alternative to the materials mentioned above is that of glass tiles. The material is lacquered back to give the formats the desired color or pattern. The contact surface remains the glass, with its own characteristics of brilliance, ease of cleaning, flatness, and above all – excellent resistance. It is widely used for the manufacture of the so-called mosaics glass pool tiles.

Handmade Ceramic

For those looking for a touch of originality and uniqueness, pay attention to handmade ceramic tiles. They are made entirely by hand. Starting from the pressing of the clay mixture, the artisans move on to the glazing of the surfaces. As a result, the final output is characterized by the uniqueness of the best craftsmanship flavor. It is advisable to use it on vertical surfaces, given the delicacy of the glazed surfaces.

Marble And Natural Stone

When choosing the material for bathroom tiles, we can also use natural materials such as marble and stone. Cuts in different formats are available on the market, and the materials available are many. The quality of the raw material lends itself well to the bathroom, guaranteeing robustness, and decisive aesthetics.

  1. The Price

As with any other item offered on the market, the price is a decisive criterion in the choice of tiles for the pool. However, the cost can vary widely depending on many factors. Like the price per m² is calculated as per the manufacturing material. Ceramic models are more affordable than stoneware or glass pool tiles. Marble and natural stone slabs remain the most expensive.

In addition to the material used, the brand and provenance can also influence the prices of the tiles. The coatings produced by a renowned brand will be more expensive. The same is the case for tiles from certain countries. Finally, since we are talking about prices, you should know that the cost of the work must also be taken into account when estimating the budget devoted to tiling the swimming pool.

  1. The Structure And The Aesthetic Aspect

A right swimming pool tile should have a structure resistant to humidity, thermal shock, external aggressions, and chemicals. Besides, for safety reasons, it is also preferable to have non-slip tiles.

The aesthetic aspect is a critical selection criterion since the tiling will also serve to dress the pool. The choice of colors and patterns will, of course, depend on everyone’s wishes. For example, for a modern and refined design, owners can opt for large format glass subway tiles with well-worked patterns; or tiles in black or white Carrara color.

That’s it; you are all set to make the right decision for your purchase. To read more posts like this, keep an eye on our blog!

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