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An individual looks forward to a holiday as a way of unwinding and enjoying a few days stress-free. While planning for a holiday, we do everything from researching the best hotels to stay at, the best places to eat at to all the things we want to do. However, we get so busy with all this that we forget another travel essential. This essential is your travel insurance plan that will be your best friend in times of need. 

There are many insurance plans available in the market. Without adequate knowledge of how to go about selecting the best one, it becomes a little intimidating. To avoid all hassles and make your work easy, below mentioned are a few tips that you must keep in mind while selecting a plan to look after you and your family during travel.

Top Tips to Buy Travel Insurance

  • Decide on your destination

Your travel destination will determine the level of coverage you will expect out of your travel insurance. Travel insurance for the USA from India will differ mainly from an insurance plan for Vietnam. The risk attached to going to each country is different, and so are the rules that govern that place. Travel health insurance will be a priority for someone traveling to a colder country from a warm climate. 

  • Decide on the duration 

The type of plan that an individual who travels throughout the year versus individual planning on just one trip that year will vastly differ. For the one planning on several trips, a multi-trip policy is ideal over a policy that is specific to a country. It is essential to determine all of this before investing in a policy because you do not want to be paying for the benefits that you will not avail. The more the coverage, the higher will be the premium amount. 

  • Assess your medical history

Some insurance companies do not cover these conditions, whereas others charge an exorbitant amount for covering pre-existing diseases. Clarify all doubts with your agent and go through the policy’s terms and conditions before you come to any decision.

  • Travel Companion

The travel insurance premium may vary according to age, the number of travel companions, their age, etc. If you have a travel companion, you should opt for the plan that covers your companion too.

  • Pre-requisite for Visa

Schengen countries, the USA, UK, UAE, etc., are countries where overseas travel insurance is a pre-requisite for a visa. So, check whether the international travel insurance you are preferring has global coverage. On the other side, if you opt for a visa on arrival for Indians, buying travel insurance is not mandatory, yet it is advisable.  

Top Travel Insurance Companies Offer International Travel Insurance in India

  • Future Generali Travel Insurance
  • Bharti AXA Travel Insurance
  • Care Travel Insurance
  • Digit Travel Insurance 
  • HDFC Ergo Health Travel Insurance 

Visit their official websites to get more details about the travel insurance plans.


If not visa on arrival for Indians, you have to opt for overseas travel insurance to get the visa. However, it is wise to opt for international travel insurance from trusted brands like Care travel insurance to make most of the benefits out of it and travel securely. 

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