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Winters can be spent in style with the right kinds of vests that are snuggly as well as fashionable. And, there’s absolutely nothing better than the following Wolfie Fur vests that every woman should have. Ergo, we have made this guide according to the different price ranges that are much affordable for real fur. Have a look!

Women Fur Vests Under 1000 Dollars

  1. MIAR Reversible Hooded Vest

This is a trendy reversible vest available in the rare Iris Grey hue. Some features that are exclusive to this vest are as follows. 

  • It’s made of 100% pure Rex rabbit fur. 
  • It has an attractive attached hoodie as well and the hoodie, too, is made of real Rex rabbit fur. 
  • It features a zipper for front closure. 

You can buy this furry vest at 995 dollars on sale. 

  1. The HOLLY Fischer Vest

Made of natural Finnish fox fur, this pure Fischer vest in brown color is a comfortable winter wear that flaunts the following features. 

  • It is fabricated with fox fur on the upper back and front. 
  • It displays matching leather detailing for extra grace. 
  • It has a high-quality nickel zipper for front closure. 

You can buy this vest at just 995$ on sale. 

  1. NOVA Long Mink Vest

This vest, that’ll come all the way down and under your knees, is made of pure Danish Mink that makes it extremely light to wear. Other visibly distinctive features of this smooth vest in light brown color include the following. 

  • It has large and spacious side pockets to keep you thoroughly warm. 
  • It has a comfortable straight fit. 

You can buy this full-sleeved vest at just 995$ on sale. 

Women Fur Vests Under 1500 Dollars 

  1. CRISTINA Fur Tuxedo Vest

This is one of the most stylish mixed-fur vest that features:

  • Real Sheared Beaver Fur from Canadian Beaver. 
  • Real Fox Fur from Finnish fox. 

It is a long vest that features wonderful patterns like:

  • A hidden hook closure on the front. 
  • A beautiful slim fit. 
  1. MYSTIC Longhair Fur Vest

Yet another stunner in brown, this super warm and super stylish lightweight vest has the following features. 

  • It is made of Canadian Longhair beaver fur. 
  • The dark brown trim collar is made of pure sheared beaver fur. 
  • It features hidden hooks for front closure. 

You can buy this soft fur vest at just 1250$ on sale. 

All in all, the real beauty of fur vests offer them the power to look stunning on all kinds of attires whether it’s jeans or skirts. Do wear them to find out what looks the best on you. 

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