7 Of The Most Entertaining Pinterest Facts You Need To Be Aware Of

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Pinterest is one of the most popular social media applications there is today on the World Wide Web. It’s also an American image sharing platform that allows the discovery of information and saves it. It uses a series of videos, animated GIFs, and images in the form of pinboards. This Platform came a long way to serve and provide a reflection on the people’s lifestyle. 

From providing reflection, investors and consumers have set their eyes on Pinterest today. They actually knew they could benefit from the Platform’s unique features. With that being said, there’s no doubt why Pinterest has become famous in a matter of time. If you want to know more about this fantastic Platform, here are some of the Pinterest facts that might interest you.

The Man Behind Pinterest

The founder and the current owner of Pinterest is Ben Silbermann. Silbermann, together with two American Internet entrepreneurs, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra, started the project in 2009. A year later, after they started the project, they first opened the site to a few public members in a restricted beta format. 

After they opened the site, they already knew it could become a great social media platform. This is probably one of the primary Pinterest facts you might need to remember. Later in March 2010, they shifted to an open beta format. The only users who can access the site are those who received a direct invitation from a primary or registered member. 

Pinterest’s First Users

Upon launching the Platform, Pinterest’s owner and founder sent his email and contact details to its first users. These lucky users have been given the privilege to discuss their Pinterest matters with Ben Silbermann. Most of them actually thought of improving the Platform, while some continue to use Pinterest in their daily needs. 

In addition to that, they can also call the mobile number of Silbermann anytime if they wish to speak with him. Silbermann thought this could be the best strategy in improving his Platform. The total users who got Silbermann’s email and contact details are around 5,000 people, and up to this day, most of them are still using Pinterest. 

Pinterest After 9 Months

In just a matter of nine months, Pinterest has already gathered a total of 10,000 users since the launch date. Silbermann immediately thought his strategy of giving his credentials had finally paid off. At this time, he’s still operating Pinterest from a flat. But despite having a few programmers, the Platform has already gathered over 100,000 more users. 

The First Attempt at Selling Pinterest Failed

Ben Silbermann thought of selling Pinterest to the targeted New York Publishing Company. But, it didn’t work quite well for him. Despite the failed attempt, Pinterest has gathered various sponsors that contributed to the success of the Platform. The investors behind the success of Pinterest are Yelp’s Jeremy Stoppelman, FirsMark Capital, EvetBrite’s Kevin Hartz, and Bebo’s Michael Birch. 

Pinterest is Defined as the “Drawer of Ideas”

As mentioned earlier, this Platform allows you to share various information. The users can share infographics, animated GIFs, videos, other types of visual content, and most images. For years, a lot of people have reached their goal through the use of Pinterest. Some of them use Pinterest to get ideas for an event or to achieve their creative goal.  

Pinterest Have Inspired 95% of its Users

Defined as the “Drawer of Ideas,” Pinterest has become essential to one’s daily life. Some thought, without Pinterest, they cannot achieve what they want to attain. This platform has been helping people for years in achieving their goals. Some of the current popular brands have also been utilizing Pinterest to provide a solution for their daily customers’ lives. 

Pinterest’s Stock Dropped With Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

You can’t hide the fact that the world has become a mess today. Countless lives have been taken, people have lost their jobs, some lost their business, and Pinterest isn’t an exemption for that. The Platform has been greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and with that, their stock fell in just a matter of time. 

Covid-19 is the primary cause of why the total net loss of Pinterest amounted to $141 million. This is actually equivalent to 25 cents a share. Also, in the earlier quarter of the year, it made a loss worth $41 million, which equates to 33 cents a share. Some of you may think this is just a little drawback for a big company like Pinterest.

But, if you know how the corporate world works and understand how essential these stocks are, you’ll learn how hard it is for them to have this problem. 


Pinterest has become an essential social media platform for years. It isn’t just helpful to business and the corporate world, but it also helps improve education. There are a lot more good things to know about Pinterest. This guide should be able to give an idea of how great this Platform is for everybody. 

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