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Digitalisation should bring people together. This is the main goal of Telstra-owned companies – to build a world where people globally belong. Belong was founded by Telstra in October 2013, to provide low-cost internet in Australia. The company was awarded by finder Australia as the Green Telco of the Year 2020. It’s because the company is the first to offer carbon-neutral plans in Australia at no extra cost. 

Belong offers a range of ADSL, mobile, and NBN plans. Belong plans for mobile were introduced in 2017. They offer the cheapest mobile phone plans within the Telstra network. Since then, they have been called budget Telstra. Belong plans operate under the Telstra network. They’ve got 3G and 4G coverage available to 98% of the Australian population. They don’t offer a prepaid plan. But they keep their mobile plans plain and simple. 

All Belong data plans for mobile are SIM-only and there’s no lock-in period required. This means that you need to provide the phone yourself and you’re free to cancel or change plans anytime. You can order Belong SIM cards online, or buy them from Coles, Officeworks, and JB Hi-Fi.

Belong Regular 10GB Mobile Plan

At $25.00 per month, you can get a Belong plan for mobile with 10GB of data. This SIM-only plan is good for emailing, internet surfing, and social media posting. You can occasionally watch videos depending on its quality.  To give you an idea on how much you can do with the Belong Regular 10GB mobile plan, here’s a rough list of what you can do:

  • 500 hours of internet surfing
  • 64 hours of music streaming
  • 32 hours of Skype calls
  • 5000 emails
  • 2500 music track downloads
  • 80 App downloads
  • 10 SD movie downloads

The plan also includes unlimited calls and text messaging to standard landlines, mobile, 1300, and 1800 numbers in Australia. If you wish to add international calls and text messaging to selected countries, you’ll be charged an extra $5.00 monthly. 

Belong Large 40GB Mobile Plan

This Belong plan for mobile costs $40 per month. It’s ideal if you regularly make video calls, stream music and videos, and upload pictures, videos, or large files. Again, here’s a rough list of what you can do with a 40GB data:

  • 2000 hours of internet surfing
  • 256 hours of music streaming
  • 128 hours of Skype calls
  • 20,000 emails
  • 10,000 music track downloads
  • 320 App downloads
  • 40 SD movie downloads

The plan also comes with unlimited calls and text messaging to standard landlines, mobile, 1300, and 1800 numbers in Australia. It’s bundled with international calls and text messaging to selected countries at no extra cost.  Included in the 30 selected countries are:

Austria Germany New Zealand
Bangladesh Greece Norway
Brazil Hong Kong Romania
Cambodia Hungary Singapore
Canada India South Korea
Chile Indonesia Taiwan
China Ireland Thailand
Colombia Japan United Kingdom
Denmark Malaysia USA
France Mexico Vietnam

Please note that Belong mobile plans don’t allow calls and text messaging to:

  • Premium numbers
  • Satellite numbers
  • 1234
  • 12 455
  • 12 456
  • International numbers outside the 30 selected countries.

Benefits of Belong Data Plans for Mobile

An advantage of a Belong plan for mobile is the portability of your old numbers at no cost.  You can transfer your old mobile number to your Belong SIM. The process may take 4 to 36 hours depending on the time you have submitted the request. The regular porting hours are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM (AEST/AEDST). During Saturdays, Easter Monday, and the Queen’s birthday, they operate from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM AEST/AEDST). However, during Sundays and public holidays, the porting process starts on the next business day. Transferring an old mobile number during porting hours normally takes up to 4 hours. If a subscriber activates the SIM outside of the porting hours, transferring his/her old mobile numbers may take up to 36 hours. Before requesting a number transfer, Belong suggests checking your current mobile provider. It’s to make sure if you’ll be charged a termination fee for switching to a new provider.  

All Belong mobile plans come with flexible and unlimited data banking. This means that any unused data for the month carries over the next month. The subscriber keeps any unused data for future consumption as long as he/she pays the service on time. You can also share spare data with your family and friends as a gift if they’re also a Belong mobile subscriber. The plans allow unlimited data gifting.

Belong mobile plans come with a data safety net to prevent shocking overages. Once a subscriber reaches the data limit for the month, the mobile data speed slows down to 64 Kbps within the rest of the billing cycle. Should you wish to go back to full-speed data, you can opt to buy an extra 2GB for $10.00. There’s no limit in buying this top-up. 

Are Belong Plans for Mobile a Good Deal?

The answer is a big YES. If you’ve got a mobile phone and want a low-cost and simple mobile plan, it’s worth considering Belong. They’ll give you the standard package you need in a mobile subscription – call, data, and text. You can even get free international calls and text messaging to 30 selected countries. A big plus is the ability to transfer your old number to your Belong SIM. If you want to get a Belong SIM, you can call their customer support at 1300 235 664 from 7:00 AM to midnight (AEST).

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