Fence factor: 3 awesome benefits of temporary fence hire

Temporary fencing is highly flexible, versatile and has a number of benefits that make it a winner for construction as well as temporary events. Here are three awesome benefits of temporary fences in construction and events.

  1. Construction

The first thing you should know is that fence hire is essential for Australian construction sites. In fact, it is illegal to undertake construction without them being safely installed. Australian law ensures that temporary fencing will keep the general public safe from possible dangers, will keep debris and equipment entrapped throughout construction and will deter intrusion after hours.  

If you’re having a home built by a construction company, ensure they have included temporary fencing in your contract. If not, you should ask why temporary fencing isn’t included in your contract (as it typically is in modern building contracts).

If you are an owner builder, then you have to provide temporary fencing on your site. Given that you are paying for and sourcing the temporary fencing, it’s important to know whether you should hire or buy temporary fencing for your company.

Hiring temporary fencing comes with a range of benefits, the main one being that you don’t have to worry about storing your temporary fencing when you’re in between jobs. What’s more, fence hire companies are extremely knowledgeable and provide an incredibly efficient service that you can quickly enlist when you need the very best temporary fencing in the industry.

  1. Temporary fencing & crowd control

Temporary fences are typically used for crowd control purposes at large events like sporting fixtures, music festivals, expositions and more. They are an efficient method for controlling the stream of people coming for that event as well as for area containment, outside vehicle traffic and pedestrian protection.

However, you might only be hosting this event once a year, and therefore most likely don’t have the space for storing temporary fencing throughout the year. The best way to deal with this is through hiring the temporary fencing for your yearly event!

Temporary fencing helps usher people through an area with heavy foot or vehicle traffic, as well as help keep out people that are attempting to enter an area without tickets, accreditation etc.

  1. Temporary fencing helps keep animals safe

Temporary fencing is a great idea if you want part or all of your garden to produce a sturdy and simple safe area for your pets. They can be purchased in a range of styles that make them safe for pets, and can be used if you’re doing renovations or a large project in the garden and have to protect your pets from the work being undertaken.

Pets can be a handful, and if they are able to run around freely when you are completing work on the home, it can be dangerous! Ensure your pets are safe at home when completing particular works by using high-grade temporary fencing that will ensure they don’t get in the way of any particular equipment throughout the project!

It’s a great option for work & events

Temporary fencing is almost an essential part of the Australian landscape. As a nation of construction, festivals and industry, it’s only natural that our industries rely on high quality temporary fencing to ensure that employees, civilians and event attendees are safe.

Don’t run the risk of injury or a hefty council fine – ensure your construction site, works or event is protected by the use of top quality temporary fencing.

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