How to Deal With Bullying: Tips for Parents

Bullying is an undeniable and ugly truth of schools. Especially with the changing social dynamics of the century, cyber-bullying has become more aggressive and prominent. While there are laws in action in India against bullying, it is still occurring. Concerned schools take active steps against bullying, making students aware of the harms of it, installing security cameras to monitor any such activity, and other such measures. 

Newer students are usually more vulnerable to such acts, so make sure when filling the online school admission form you verify the school’s measures against bullying and regarding other security concerns. Bullying may be largely prevalent but you as a concerned parent can help. Here are some ideas as to what you should and shouldn’t do to help your child tackle their bullies:

Make Your Child Aware About Bullying and Provide Them a Safe Space

Don’t keep your child in the dark and make them aware of bullying. While you need to make sure your child doesn’t get bullied, you also need to ensure they don’t become the ones perpetrating or being a bystander. Educate them about the concerns related to bullying and about its signs. So that they can recognize and approach the problem aptly. Don’t be aggressive in your approach or reprimand them. Be the safe space where they can come and tell you about the happenings at school. 

Let Your Child React and Do Not Retaliate Yourself

No matter how difficult it is to see your child go through this, do not take sudden aggressive steps such as retaliating against the bully yourself or confronting their parents. Support your child, play out ‘what if’ scenarios, and encourage them to come up with effective solutions. This way, the next time they fall into an unsafe situation with the bullies they can think and act on their feet. However, also don’t neglect and make your child feel alone in their troubles.

Contact a Teacher or Administrator

Dealing with bullies is not easy. If your child is unable to handle their bullies and stop them from bullying, take an active step and make a teacher or administrator at the school aware. Again for this, it is important when filling the school admission form, you read up on the school’s stance and dealings with bullying. This way you can trust the teacher to come up with an effective solution to your child’s bullying. 

Work Up Their Confidence

Feeling low and attacked at school and hearing negative criticisms constantly at home, is sadly the state of affairs many students have to face. You need to provide positive reaffirmations to your child, make them feel confident in their skin. The only way they can face up to their bullies is if they feel they can and you as a parent must help them muster this confidence.

Avoid and Educate on Other Forms of Bullying

While your child may not feel physically bullied at school, they may be feeling bullied by a sibling or a cousin. They can also feel attacked and unsafe online. Educate them and yourself with how to handle these situations. Support, don’t invade. Instead of monitoring what your child is doing online, provide them the space, where they can themselves come and tell you the happenings of the day, the trends on social media, or if they ever feel unsafe. 

Be a good listener above all! And ensure when selecting the right school for your child and filling up the school admission form, check the environment, make sure if the teachers are approachable regarding these scenarios, and so on. 

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