How to Make Blogging Easier with Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence (AI) enables machines to learn from the experiences and adjust to new circumstances and respond to them similarly to the way a human would. The virtual assistant on your phone or computer, the GPS in your car, even the recommendations you receive from your music streaming app have one thing in common – they all rely on an AI to provide you with a unique, tailor-made experience by learning your habits and routines. 

One of the most remarkable qualities of AI is that it’s continually evolving, and, along with it, so are the ways it can be applied to aid you in your business. Blogging is not exempt from that rule. 

Blogging as a marketing tool 

In this day and age, we all crave a bit of human touch in our online interactions. Unlike regular ads that can be too on the nose with their approach, a well maintained and curated blog can become an oasis in the ever-changing online landscape, a place that will help you gain new customers and keep them. 

Blogs are great for building a relationship with your customers. They are also an excellent tool for building brand awareness and helping you stand out from a crowd of businesses that offer similar services or products. 

How to maintain a successful blog? 

When starting a new blog or revamping an old one, three main qualities will help your blog gain and keep its audience. Speed, scalability, and consistency matter the most

Besides that, your blog posts should be written in an intelligent manner and by skilled professionals. When it comes to choosing the topics to write about, it is crucial to select the topics that attract readers and produce results. It sounds tricky, but if you use the proper tools, it doesn’t have to be. 

Let AI pick topics for you

Artificial intelligence can boost your blog’s traffic by analyzing all of the blogs and topics available on the Internet and coming up with an issue or an angle that would be new, innovative, and attractive to your readers. Specialized AI tools can keep track of your competition’s websites in real-time, discover the gaps in topics they are covering and help you by brainstorming the best set of themes to write about. 

Other tools are less proactive but just as useful. Their purpose is to help you create content that’s selling and prone to conversions. They can help you with better content engagement across diverse platforms and channels, including social media.

General quality improvement

Your work is not done once you have identified your niche and the subjects you should write about. A constant stream of content demands maintaining a certain level of quality across different topics or even writers. A specialized AI can help you with this. This form of artificial intelligence takes into consideration different linguistic patterns and the quality of each published piece. 

This type of AI can be utilized to standardize the quality of content, which would then help the existing writers with their pieces and ensure the same – if not better – quality in the future.

Let the AI do the talking 

There are some areas of customer relations where AI has already proven to be as effective as us humans. Customer service is one of those areas. By implementing a chatbot such as Servisbot, i.e., a tool that is able to communicate with your visitors as efficiently and as eloquently as a living human would, you’ll be able to answer your customers’ demands and questions 24/7. 

This is yet another efficient way to engage your visitors. This matters more than you might think.  Studies have shown that visitors’ engagement plays a vital role in their satisfaction and increases their chances of visiting your site and purchasing your product or service again. 

Boost your Return On Investment

Once you get your blog in full swing, you’ll have to keep the momentum going, or you’ll risk losing visitors, readers, and, ultimately, sales. You need to make sure you’re producing real ROI. And if you’re not, you need to change things up. AI can take much of the guesswork out of this process.

Deep Learning technologies study content performance and the existing trends to predict whether the current content plan will work or not. AI is also equipped with NLP (Natural Language Processing) tools that help companies audit their existing content marketing strategies.

The world of AI is constantly changing and evolving, but there is no denying that there is already so much that it can do to help you with keeping a great, engaging blog. 

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