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There must be only a handful of people who will be using dirt bikes on clean and straight roads because dirt bikes are made for riding muddy and uneven tracks. You will never see any dirt bike specialist performing stunts on the plain road, and you will never any dirt bike racing event being organized on even and clean tracks. Dirt bikes are made for riding roughly and for performing unimaginable stunts. This is the main reason why people love dirt bikes. But after a thrilling and muddy day on the dirt tracks, you should always clean your dirt bike properly to increase its longevity. But do you know how to clean and maintain your dirt bike properly?

Most of the riders just park their dirt bike in the front yard and blast it with hose pipe until every clump of mud is off. But this is not the proper way of cleaning your dirt bike as in addition to damaging your rubber seal, and it can also destroy your disc and shorten the life of your seat. Some people even mix detergent in a bucket and just pour the water all over the dirt bike. Well, you should know that detergent acts as a harmful substance for your disc and brake pads.

Here are some of the tips that you can use to maintain and clean your dirt bike properly without damaging any of its parts.

Always start with cleaning the thick layer of mud

Instead of just blasting your 125cc dirt bike with the powerful hose pipe, you should get rid of the thick debris of mud in a more gentle way. Just take a bucket of lukewarm water, a hard brush, a soft sponge, and a spare towel. Start cleaning one part of the bike at a time, and this will help you to clean your bike properly without wasting time. There is no point in doing anything if your dirt bike is covered in dust.

Lukewarm water is best for getting rid of mud, and you can use the hard brush for extra dirty parts. On the gentle parts, use the sponge and the towel. This way, you will be able to clean your bike systematically and properly.

Always cover your exhaust

You should never clean your apollo dirt bike without covering the exhaust. While cleaning your dirt bike, water can easily enter into the exhaust, and it will not only damage the exhaust, but it will degrade the performance of the dirt bike as well. Many people think that the exhaust will only get rusted because of water, but you will have to deal with much bigger problems if water enters into your exhaust. You don’t need to do anything special to cover your exhaust, simply stuff it with a rag, use duct tape or put a rubber plug in it. But never forget to remove the rag after you are done with the cleaning.

Lightly spray your bike

Yes, you can spray your bike with a hose pipe. But instead of doing it aggressively and damaging your dirt bike, you should mildly spray water on those parts of your dirt bikes that are still looking dirty, even after cleaning with a sponge or stiff brush. Always use the hose pipe for wiping out the dirt instead of spraying it dead on. If you directly spray water on your bike instead of cleaning the dirt, you will push it further deep inside the parts of your bike. Spray water away from the dirt bike, in a gentle fashion, and get rid of the extra dirt without getting your hands dirty.

Never forget to lubricate your chain

Although every part of your dirt bike is important, you don’t need to give special care to every part after cleaning, except chains. The smooth functioning of chains is very necessary for the dirt bike to function properly. Therefore, you should never forget to lubricate the chains of your dirt bike after cleaning it. You can also use a wax spray for keeping special parts of your dirt bike protected, but that’s not as necessary as lubricating the chains of your dirt bike. If you will not lubricate your dirt bikes with good quality oil, then it will rust very quickly and will cause hindrance in the overall performance of your dirt bike.

Many dirt bike riders indeed love to see patches of mud on their dirt bike because it gives it a rough look. But if you are looking forward to using your dirt bike for a long period, then you should clean it regularly. Instead of being harsh and just spraying water all over your dirt bike, use the tips mentioned above.


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