How to Protect Your Business’s Data in Case of a Disaster

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Being a victim of a disaster is not what most business owners think of during their day-to-day operations. But when the unforeseen happens, a company can end up losing thousands or even millions of dollars in operational and economic losses. Why? Due to a lack of disaster preparedness. Disaster recovery companies can help your business survive potential disasters, however.

The future is unpredictable. Tropical storms, floods and earthquakes can take anyone off guard, including businesses of all sizes. Many businesses are unprepared for a disaster and that means heartache for many people such as business owners, employees and customers if a disaster strikes.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?

When a disaster happens, part or all of a business’s resources can be destroyed. A Disaster Recovery or DR is a plan for accessing and restoring your vital data in the shortest possible time frame. For a company to function, it needs its information and resources. Having a DR plan can ensure your business will financially survive a disaster.

What Kind of Disasters Could Happen?

There are three categories of business disasters. They can be natural, man-made or technological.

Examples of natural disasters include floods, landslides, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and even pest infestations.

Technological and man-made disasters would involve power failure, chemical threats, cyber-attacks, hazardous material spills, a nuclear power plant meltdown or blast, acts of terrorism or chemical and biological weapon threats. No matter what kind of disaster strikes, they are often unexpected. Your business does not have to wait until it’s too late. Disaster recovery companies can help you prepare, giving you peace of mind regardless of the disaster that could potentially befall a region or your business.

Why Do Businesses Need a Disaster Relief Plan?

One of the biggest IT expenses any business could face is downtime. When operations come to a halt, big-time money is lost. Just one hour of lost time can cost businesses thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. No matter what size your business is, quick recovery is essential for survival. Loss of orders, invoicing, missing delivery dates, reputation loss and much more can hinder the strongest of businesses without a DR plan.

How to Create a Disaster Relief Strategy

It can be time-consuming to create, implement and maintain a total business recovery plan. However, to ensure a business will survive a disaster, it is vital and worth the effort. Disaster recovery companies can help you walk through the process, saving you time and money. They can discuss disaster recovery solutions and options with you based on the specific needs of your company.

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