Six Factors to Consider Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Getting good self-storage can be very tricky and especially in a new location. Most people prioritize Price and proximity when looking for a self storage unit. However, there are a few more things that individuals and business owners should think about before choosing a storage provider.

  • Facility Security 

Choose a storage facility with high-level security on the premises and in individual units. The following security features will help protect your belongings: CCTV, door alarms or unbreakable padlocks, adequate lighting, and a strong fence. Always ensure a thorough property check is carried out regularly and necessary measures are taken in case of any problem identified. In addition, there should be a fast response to the alarm and alerts to deal with the possible risk.

  • Hygiene  

Choose a storage facility that maintains a high level of cleanliness and regular maintenance. Visually inspect the facility and individual storage units to ensure cleanliness. Before moving in, inquire about day-to-day maintenance and the facility’s cleaning procedures. The facility should also be in a better condition than preventing getting into the facility.

  • Accessibility to the storage 

Choose a storage facility that provides year-round access to storage units, offers part-time appointments, and is open when it is most convenient for you. Know-how and when to contact facility representatives for help outside of business hours or on weekends, even if they are unavailable.

  • Insurance for Self-storage 

Self-storage insurance provides an extra layer of security for your valuables. Check to see whether your storage facility offers insurance, or ask for a list of recommended insurance companies to call. If you want to ensure the contents of your storage unit, talk to your insurance provider.

  • Storage Units with climate control 

Even for brief periods, everyday objects require climate management to maintain their integrity. To avoid your possessions breaking, rusting, or decaying, choose a storage company that offers appropriately conditioned units: Business documents, clothing, electronics or appliances, vehicles, and wood or metal furniture are all examples of items that fall under this category.

  • Type of Storage need

You must ensure that you obtain the correct type of storage; otherwise, you risk receiving either improper or ineffective, which will not be suitable for you or your stuff in either instance. Obtain the right size and spaciousness that will adequately serve you better. Make sure you have an excellent notion of the size you want because you won’t be able to change it if you rent. A too-large facility may only end up wasting your money as not all would be occupied. Similarly, a too-small room may be so congested which may force you to rent another one.

To sum up

Visit the storage facility to ensure sufficient security elements are in place, speak with staff members, and discuss your storage needs in person to give yourself a piece of mind. Before choosing a storage option that matches your demands and your budget, speak with a qualified facility manager and consider these five aspects.

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