Tips for Passing the Pearson Test of English

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is a globally recognised English language standard and if you are planning to relocate to Australia and English is not your mother tongue, you will have to sit the PTE test. This test is very comprehensive, covering speaking, listening, reading and writing, plus the test is fully automated and is marked by computers, and it can be completed in a week, which is quick by anyone’s standards.

Learn The Language Further With an App

There are tons of apps available on the market which can help you learn English faster. With the help of an App you can study anytime and anywhere which gives you more versatility. By preparing for the test with the help of the best language learning app specifically designed by the developers to efficiently improve your knowledge of the language you can quickly grasp mastery faster. Together with your other learning methods you can pass the test in no time.

Online PTE Test Preparation

Fortunately, there are online institutions where you can register, select a course package and take the Pearson Test of English mock examination and that will really help you assess your current level and progress. Many students choose online study, as you do not have to travel to a college and you are not restricted as to when you study, so search online for a leading PTE test preparation course and enroll today.

The Importance of Free Practice

Ask any language instructor and they will gladly confirm that free practice is critical; that is the opportunity to use what you have learned in the classroom in a natural, real-life situation. Talk to friends, watch English movies on TV and listen to English radio stations, and the more you do this, the quicker your development will come.

Practice Tests

The only way you can accurately assess your development is to sit mock PTE tests, which can be found when you register with an online PTE study institution, and when the results come in, you and your instructor can discuss where you went wrong, thus empowering you to improve. You can take as many mock PTE tests as you wish, and with other essential modules, you will soon be ready to sit the real exam.

Get it Right First Time

When applying for a permanent visa to live in Australia, your English language abilities will account for a portion of your total score, and rather than having to re-sit the PTE test again and again, you are advised to make contact with an online PTE preparatory school, where you will be given all the support you need, plus they won’t let you sit the test until they are sure you will achieve a high score.


A critical aspect of language learning, vocabulary needs to be added to on a daily basis; you can choose ten new words every day (more if you can handle it) and learn them, plus when a new word comes up in natural dialogue, you can ask the meaning of the word or phrase. Learning a language is not a passive activity, far from it, so you must take control of your learning and use the language at every opportunity.

Allow yourself ample time to prepare for the PTE and with an online school that specialises in PTE prep, you will have all the help and support that you need to ensure you pass with flying colours.


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