Top Signs You Need Dental Crowns

Sometimes, you may have different dental conditions that will need dental crowns installation. Whichever reason, getting high-quality dental crowns and installation is essential to help you improve your smile. The Woodlands dental crowns will offer porcelain crowns to help you regain the full functionality of your teeth.

1.      Broken Teeth

Perhaps you had a fall or a hit to your mouth. The impact of the force left you with pain, injury, and unfortunately, loss of teeth. When your teeth break or fall out entirely, it is time to get a dental crown. However, you will only undergo the procedure if the remaining part of your tooth is not sufficient for repair.

Additionally, when your tooth cracks, it will never grow back to its original shape and form. Therefore, getting a dental crown is ideal. Plus, it will boost your aesthetic appeal.

Moreover, if your teeth structure is continually weakening, it is a sign to get a crown.

2.      Extensive Teeth Decay

Sometimes, you may have extreme tooth decay. When the decay is beyond repair, your dentist will opt to install dental crowns rather than have fillings. Thanks to the crown, you get a mirror appearance of your teeth.

Additionally, one can’t tell apart the difference. The tooth decay can be extreme, even needing a root canal. After this, getting a dental crown is essential.

When you have a root canal, your teeth may tend to become brittle without dental crowns. Additionally, they pose a higher risk of cracking. Therefore, having dental crowns comes in handy.

3.      During Dental Implants Installation

Thanks to technology, you can have dental implants to help you manage a dental condition. In the procedure, your dentist will install dental implants in your gum to form the support.

On the other hand, a dental crown replaces your teeth on top of the dental implants. Consequently, the dental crown imitates the function and appearance of your teeth by helping you to chew properly.

4.      Improper Fillings

When you have tooth decay, most times the first option is typically having a tooth filling. However, if your fillings prove to be inefficient in managing the decay, a dental crown is the next viable option.

On the other hand, your dentist might notice you need a considerable size of fillings, to sort out your tooth decay. In such an instance, dental crowns are the better option as they will offer you better protection over the whole tooth.

5.      The Cracked Tooth Syndrome

In other instances, you may have a crack in your teeth, but without visible brokenness. The condition is known as cracked tooth syndrome. You may have the condition if you experience extreme sensitivity to hot, cold, acidic, and even sweet foods. Additionally, you may experience pain as you chew food. Consequently, you will tend to avoid chewing using the side that has pain.

When you experience any of the above symptoms, consult your dentist who will evaluate you for a proper diagnosis to get a dental crown.

Thanks to the dental crowns, you can smile confidently without worrying someone will notice your missing or cracked teeth.

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