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Australia, it’s been a good while coming, but travel is about to be back on and en masse! Naturally, you will probably want to take your pupper to enjoy a little post-lockdown intertown or interstate leisure, especially if you’re going to see the fam for Christmas.

But you have to be prepared for travelling with your dog, as they are a little bit different to, say, a backseat driver or the one changing the music 10 seconds into every track.

Be sure you’ve packed their goods, have taken necessary safety precautions and have picked up quality dog insurance, because here are some top tips for travelling safely with your doggo!

  1. Consider your trip

As a dog owner, you have to consider the dynamics of your trip and how this is going to work with your furry friend. The first thing to ensure is that your pooch is updated with the following:

  • Heartworm prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • Intestinal worming
  • Flea & tick prevention
  • Microchip info

Now that you’ve got all that sorted, here are some tips to ensure it goes as smoothly and enjoyably as possible.

  1. Know your destinatio

It’s a good idea to know your destination and accommodation. Be sure that your accommodation not only includes dog fencing, but also whether you will be charged extra for taking your pooch with you. Additional charges for staying with pets can be quite expensive, but some places will let you bring them along free of charge, so it’s a good idea to look into this before you book.

Next, research the destination and the closest dog-friendly parks, walking tracks and beaches to your accommodation so that you don’t get stuck trying to find a place when your pup is haranguing you for a walk!

  1. Update your doggy’s ID deets

Check that the microchip details are updated and that your dog’s ID tag has the right contact info – this could be one of the most vital things if your dog goes AWOL on vacay.

  1. Travelling by car

Make sure your doggo is ready for car travel as it can be confusing and stressful for newcomers. Your dog might become quite anxious in the car and this could mean trouble. You can take them for short trips to get them used to driving in the car, praising them and providing them treats to encourage them for being good on the road.

You can then start to take them for longer trips before taking them on the big road trip. You can make taking them in the car a fun process, including treats and their favourite toys, but be sure not to feed them a few hours before the big journey as they may get sick in the car (water, of course, is fine and required!).

Pets also need fresh air so as to not feel claustrophobic during a long period of driving. What’s more, doggos can be highly susceptible to loud noises and this includes music, so, if you can, try and keep it down a little if your dog is becoming noticeably stressed by either the drive, the music or the two combined.

Finally, be sure to let them out along the way. Dogs are just like us humans, and might require the occasional pit stop to stretch their legs and, naturally, relieve themselves! You don’t want dog pee throughout the car or their carrier, so be sure to let them out for a piddle when necessary!

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