Ways to Encourage your Preschooler’s Brain Development

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A child’s brain develops more up to the age of 5, as compared to any other time in life. Early brain development leaves a lasting impact on the child’s ability to learn and succeed in life. It affects a child’s growth in all possible areas. That is why it is important to encourage the brain and overall development of a preschooler. 

The development of a child can be categorised into 4 main areas: 

  • Cognitive
  • Physical
  • Communication & language 
  • Social & emotional.

Brain development is part of the cognitive development that describes the intellectual growth of a child. It includes problem-solving, thinking and learning skills. These skills also affect the development of a child in all other areas. As the first 5 years of a child’s life are important for their development and learning, many parents are curious to know the various ways they can help in their brain development. 

The best possible way to engage your child actively is through daily activities such as reading and playing. Apart from that, supporting your child when he/she feels stressed is equally important. There are also several early childhood education programs available on both online and offline platforms that can be helpful. Below mentioned are five ideas that will help in developing your preschooler’s brain. 

Being one of the best methods to encourage a child’s brain development, reading can be effective in kick-starting their communication and language skills, even before recognising letters or words. Seeing pictures while hearing words help kids to connect both. Repeating the same books further will help in developing recognition between the words and the images. Further, when they grow, ask them to recognise the name while pointing toward the picture. Reading can also enhance a kid’s focus and determination before entering kindergarten. Preschoolers can also develop their reading and learning skills by enrolling in early childhood education programs

  • Playing

Playing is a great way to encourage the development of a preschooler’s brain. Apart from just games, playing also includes singing, talking or any other activity that engages a kid’s brain. Games such as “Hide & Seek” and “Peek-a-Boo” are effective in developing a preschooler’s brain. Also, singing songs with actions, building with blocks, toys and pretend plays help children foster their creativity and imagination. 

  • Asking Questions

Asking questions to your preschooler makes him think about himself. These questions will help kids in enhancing their problem-solving capabilities and will recognise how things work. 

  • Offering Choices

Offer your preschooler choices when possible. Asking questions and giving choices will help kids make independent and confident decisions that will make their day better.

  • Providing Comfort

While helping in the development of a preschooler’s brain, it’s equally important to provide them comfort and support. Babies may feel stressed sometimes. Cuddle or hold them while letting them know you are always there to provide comfort whenever they feel stressed. It has been found through research that kids who get support, comfort and love are more responsive than other children. They can counter stress in a much better way as compared to when the comfort and support are inconsistent. 


In a nutshell

Every parent is aware of how intelligent their kids are. Seeing your child grow, understand words, talk and learn to read is an incredible feeling. Most of the brain’s development occurs naturally among kids while they grow older. But if you can help them in their development, why not? 

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