Why Is VIT One of the Top Engineering Colleges in India?

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VIT Cancels VITEEE 2020,Admissions on the basis of Class Xll marks

VIT Vellore is one of the most famous institutions in the whole of Tamil Nadu. The Indian Government recognizes this prestigious university as an IoE (Institute of Eminence). It backs it up with the motivation to take up various initiatives to move up in world university rankings.

VIT has been ranking among the top nine universities in the country for four years in a row for its Engineering and Management programs.

Dr G. Vishwanath, an eminent PhD holder from the University of West Virginia, USA, founded the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) in 1984 and became its first Chancellor. Dr Vishwanath was not only the first Indian but also the first Asian to get a PhD from West Virginia University. He made significant contributions to the development of higher education in India.

VIT is well-known for its student-centred culture and consistent quality of learning, teaching, and research. VIT accepts and welcomes various innovative and unconventional ideas like autonomy and multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and transdisciplinary ways of imparting education with the right balance of diversity and inclusion.

Outside of the curriculum, the university offers a host of activities to facilitate their overall development. Across the globe, you will find VIT’s robust and ever-growing alumni network and international associations that strive to help students and faculty to establish global collaborations.

Why VIT?

There are several reasons to study in VIT Vellore, aside from its reputation. A few such reasons include:

1.    A Unique Academic System

The first thing that most aspirants who look to get admissions into prestigious universities across the country search for are academics and the quality of education. You should know that VIT has a unique academic system called ‘Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS),’ under which it distributes the different courses into Theory, Practical, General and Definitive Electives, Skill and Ability Enhancement Co-Curricular Activities.

2.    Transparent Admission and Selection Process

The second thing that most aspirants who want to get into a prestigious college and course of their choice look for are the admission and selection and admission process and the fee structure. VIT’s admission and selection processes are transparent and depend on the entrance exam results. Also, the fees for the different courses are reasonable. Moreover, if paying the fees is challenging for you, you can always apply for scholarships.

3.    Placements

VIT being one of the top universities in the country, offers excellent placements, having well-known companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon, and eBay, as a part of its campus selection. So far, Microsoft has offered the highest pay package (Rs 41.2 Lakhs per annum) during campus placements.

4.    Campus Life

VIT has excellent infrastructural facilities and makes sure that every student gets the best experience in terms of learning and various other vital aspects of life, such as physical and mental well-being.

So, besides academics, the university also includes yoga and various other sports and activities as part of its co-curricular activities to ensure that the students are physically and mentally fit. VIT employs highly skilled and qualified yoga instructors so that students can become one with their inner selves.


There’s no doubt that VIT is one of the best and most prestigious engineering colleges in India. The university has an ‘A’ grade NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council), Government of India, accreditation.

Furthermore, VIT, Vellore, and VIT, Chennai, offer 14 and nine engineering courses, respectively, all of which have an ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), USA, accreditation.

So, all these factors make VIT one of the top choices for all those aspirants wanting to pursue an engineering degree course.

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