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For the time vehicles were introduced to people, they have sought a system to protect them. No wonder, these are expensive and, it is the nature of humans to protect the things they value. Therefore, the urge to get the best vehicle security system soon became a necessity, and that added an extra responsibility on the automotive industry. However, the industry too progressed steadily over the years to meet the needs of car owners. They evolved from a basic lock system to innovative and artificial technology-based vehicle security devices.

Subsequently, at present, we have KENT CamEye as one of the best vehicle security devices. It has been introduced into the market with unparalleled innovation, and quality of IoT (Internet of Things). Bringing in advanced technology in vehicle security systems, KENT CamEye has been designed and engineered in India to meet the security concern of car owners. This device is a combination of dash cam and GPS tracker which can be easily accessed through its user-friendly mobile application.

KENT CamEye offers features like live video streaming, GPS location tracking, instant alerts and notifications that are transmitted as data to the users through the network. Therefore, KENT CamEye device comes pre-installed with an M2M SIM for 4G network connectivity and data usage. Hence, like cellular service, subscription for KENT CamEye also needs to be renewed from time to time.

Initially it looks like an additional cost but in reality, it’s a nominal cost to keep your vehicle secure. Moreover, this dash cam cum GPS tracker also promises the safety of your loved ones who sometimes travel in your absence, with the chauffeur at your home. For such a moment, the subscription amount seems not to cost a penny.

With an active subscription, your KENT CamEye device would function seamlessly. It will offer the following crucial features to ensure 100% security of your vehicle and the safety of your family.

Live streaming: Being a dash cam, KENT CamEye offers live video streaming of the inside or outside view of the car. It uses the network and data connectivity to stream the video on the mobile phone synced with the device. It helps in monitoring the driving behaviour of drivers or teenaged children. Moreover, you can also watch if your family members are driven safely or not.

2-way calling: While live-streaming the video of the car, admin can call on the device to talk with the driver or other car occupants. It will be a voice communication only just as a call on a mobile phone that again uses network connectivity. However, the call is auto-connected, and there is no provision to ignore it through the device. It has a built-in mic and speaker to establish verbal communication. Using this, you can instruct the driver if needed or communicate with the family member in the car.

Uploading of data on cloud storage:  All the recordings and data captured by KENT CamEye, are stored on a secure cloud system. There is a time-lapse video of inside and outside view of the car along with other relevant data for each trip that needs to store on a real-time basis. So, the device uses connectivity to upload the entire data on the secure cloud system. It makes you independent of

GPS location tracking: KENT CamEye offers real-time location tracking of the vehicle through the map displayed on the mobile screen. It has a highly accurate GPS sensor that pinpoints the exact location of the car and let you know of it. So, you stay informed about the route your car is headed to. It even playback the route travelled on the map and, helps you see the locations where the car had been driven in your absence.

Sending alerts and notifications: There are smart alerts in KENT CamEye that act as a strong deterrent against any misuse of your car. There are sensors to sense the breach of various measures like over-speeding, loud music, engine idling, AC-on in a parked car, and geo-fencing. Following this, the device instantly sends alerts on your mobile phone, keeping you connected and informed about your car.

All these features are based on network connectivity, license, etc. for which the subscription would be essential. An inactive subscription won’t let you use the features of this device meant for vehicle security. So, it is important that you don’t run out of the subscription and stay connected to your car un-intermittently.




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