3 Important things to consider before taking a PG 

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If you are planning to become a paying guest, make sure that you don’t take any random option.  You have to make sure that you take all the things into consideration before you take up any PG. after all; it is about staying in a space for a considerable time. 

Again, you can find any type of pg if you so desire. Whether you are looking for Pg in Gurgaon with food facility or a pg without food; you would find the best facilities if you search a little. Again, no matter you are a student, a job doer or anyone else; you have to be careful about the pg you take up. Following are three important things to consider before you take up your decision.


  • What are your needs?


Even before you step out of your house to look for a pg or you start searching one online, make sure that you have noted down your needs first. What is the point if you take up a pg and pay the security and all but then realise there was something that you wanted in the pg? It would be really a dull thing on your part. Remember when you take a decision many things run in your mind and sometimes important aspects skip from your mind. Here, if you have a note pad having all the needs you have noted therein, you can ensure that you don’t skip anything important. For example you might have needs like food should be there, the pg has to be only for boys/girls and so on. 


  • What is the locality of the pg?


Yes, this is another important thing that you have to take into consideration. What is the point if you take up a good pg in a bad locality wherein the crime rate is really high, there are no shops in the near vicinity and the place is also far from your office or institution? Come on, the locality actually matters the most. After all, every day you are going to spend therein and you would go to your respective office or education institution from there. You have to find out how safe it would be for you to stay there and if there are proper means of transportation from there.


  • Are they licensed or authentic?


You have to find out if the PG owners are authorised/licensed or registered. You cannot simply go and start living with anyone or everyone. It would be good if you personally go to the place before you decide it. You have to talk to the landlord there in and make up your mind accordingly. If the owners are not licensed or authentic, it can become a problem for you. If anything goes wrong, you would be accountable because it gets your responsibility to ensure that you do proper probe before taking up a shelter in an unknown city.


Thus, having all these three things would make sure that you have the best pg to stay in.  No matter you look for pg for girls in Gurgaon or for boys; these points would help you making a better decision.


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