Dressing Up for a Funeral: Proper Etiquette for Funeral Attire

Everyone should be aware of how they dress up for a certain event. For example, you can wear shorts or jeans, a shirt, and comfortable footwear when you are about to go to the grocery. Meanwhile, celebrities would often flash their best gowns and tuxedoes when attending a prestigious awards night.

But jeans and gowns have no place in funerals, nor is it the best time to wear one in funeral services. Aside from that, you should also choose a funeral home in Clearfield that offers quality funeral services for your departed loved one.

Funeral attire 101

Experts advice going conservative when attending a funeral. Think of it as attending a business meeting. Meaning, you have to look respectful and considerate of the occasion. At the same time, choosing the right funeral attire means respect to the departed and to the family that is left behind.

Wearing any black outfit is generally accepted when attending a funeral. In fact, wearing black is often associated with sadness and mourning in Western cultures. This tradition actually originated as far as the era of the ancient Roman Empire. Since then, wearing black has become the norm during funeral services.

However, funeral attires vary in other cultures. For example, Thai widows wear purple when mourning for the loss of their spouses. In China, wearing white is the usual tradition when attending funerals. In other words, the acceptable funeral attire depends on where you live and traditional beliefs.

Before choosing what to wear in the funeral service, consider the following first.

  1. Consider the location.
    Choosing funeral attire depends on the location of the memorial service. For example, you may not have to wear a suit and tie when attending a memorial service on a beach or a garden. But if you are attending one in a church or any traditional place of worship, you should consider wearing more formal attire.
  2. Confirm the attire.
    Sometimes, funeral attire also depends on the deceased’s family’s preference. It may not be necessarily formal or anything black. Some families may want to “celebrate” the deceased person’s life instead of mourning, so you may be asked to wear other attire aside from the usual black.
  3. Consider the family’s culture.
    As mentioned, different cultures have different ways of mourning their deceased loved ones. Some cultures wear white, while others wear purple or red. In such cases, it is best to show respect to the deceased and their culture by complying to their funeral tradition.
  4. Dressing down is a no-no.
    Never wear slippers or short shorts in a funeral! It is still better to be overdressed rather than underdressed. You’re not going to a grocery store to wear such attire. At the end of the day, it’s all about respect to the deceased, the family, and to their tradition and culture.

Dressing up for a funeral is a must. It is not simply for formality and the occasion itself. Rather, it is also a way to pay

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