The Secret to a Great Smile

A great smile is a positive defining element of your appearance. Different dental procedures prevent the development of dental complications and restore the structure and function of your teeth. Pro Dental Care offers highly skilled and personalized dental procedures to enhance the integrity of your smile. Some of the services provided include:

  1. Cosmetic dentistry

This service enhances the integrity of your smile by improving the appearance of your teeth. This dental specialty covers procedures such as inlays and onlays, veneers, crowns, braces, and tooth whitening.

  1. Dental implants

This aesthetic tooth replacement option is ideal for patients with missing teeth. Dental implants are permanent metal posts that act as tooth roots and an anchor to artificial teeth.

  1. All on 4

For patients wishing to replace all their teeth, this procedure uses only four dental implants on the top jaw and four on the bottom. Dentures are then anchored on the implants resulting in a full mouth.

  1. Periodontal dentistry

This dental specialty focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of gum tissue diseases. Periodontal dentistry includes procedures such as frenectomy, gum grafting, and laser gum treatment.

  1. Crowns and bridges

Dental crowns are tools attached to dental implants to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges are temporary teeth replacement solutions.

  1. Root canals

During this procedure, your dentist will clean and shape your root canal, eliminating infected pulps and nerves. Afterward, he will fill and seal the remaining space and protect the tooth by attaching a crown.

  1. Sleep apnea

This sleep disorder occurs due to a blocked airway and causes disrupted sleep. Treatments of sleep apnea include therapies such as the use of assisted breathing and surgery to shrink and remove oral tissues causing a blockage.

  1. Tooth extraction

Overcrowded and damaged teeth require tooth extraction procedures to restore a patient’s smile integrity. During the process, your doctor will first numb the extraction site using local anesthesia and then loosen the tooth before pulling it out.

  1. Sedation dentistry

Local anesthesia, inhaled minimal sedation, oral sedation, and IV sedation in dentistry help relieve anxiety during dental procedures by relaxing the patient. Sedation dentistry also reduces discomfort and overcomes the gag reflex assisting patients in withstanding long and complicated procedures.

  1. Mouthguards

These dental appliances protect teeth from traumatic damage. Nightguards are usually worn at night and protect the teeth from mechanical damage due to regular clenching and grinding.

  1. PRP

Platelet-rich-plasma therapy is used to enhance your tissues’ natural healing process. The use of PRP in dentistry accelerates recovery time and lowers the risk of postoperative complications.

  1. Sealants

This preventative dentistry service involves applying a thin plastic coating on your teeth to protect them from bacterial damage. Dental sealants are used to prevent tooth cavities, infections, and discoloration.

  1. Dentures

This cosmetic dentistry procedure restores the integrity of smiles by using artificial teeth replacements to fill dental gaps. Dentures are usually anchored on dental implants to give your teeth a realistic appearance.

  1. Fillings

This treatment involves using a filling to enhance the structure of a tooth damaged by a cavity. Fillings also prevent the further spreading of tooth decay.

  1. Teeth whitening

One of the most common dental procedures is tooth whitening or bleaching, which treats stained and discolored teeth by restoring a brighter and whiter smile.

  1. Fluoride

This restorative dental care treatment involves applying supplemental fluoride to treat the enamel by replacing essential lost minerals such as phosphorus and calcium.

  1. Emergency dental care

Any sustained oral damage requires emergency dental care. Emergency dentistry provides quick relief and management of different oral concerns such as bleeding, swelling, trauma, and infections.


For any dental concerns, contact Pro Dental Care to learn more about the services they offer or book an appointment online today.

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