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A woman has a limited time window to get pregnant. By age forty, chances of conceiving are below five percent for each cycle. Advanced options like egg freezing empower every woman to take full control of their future fertility and motherhood. University Reproductive Associates offers Wayne, Hasbrouck Heights, and Hoboken egg freezing to help women in New Jersey take control of their future fertility. You may book an appointment online or call to learn more about egg freezing.

About Egg Freezing

Oocyte cryopreservation, also known as egg freezing, is a voluntary procedure that lets one harvest and freeze eggs to safeguard childbearing capability. Eggs are collected from the ovaries and refrigerated in an unfertilized state. As soon as you are ready, the eggs are defrosted for fertilization and implanted directly into the uterus.

Fertility experts at University Reproductive Associates counsel that you should consider egg freezing at your peak fertility in the twenties. At that time, your physicians can harvest high-quality eggs from your ovaries for safe storage.

Why choose egg freezing?

You may choose egg freezing for avoidable and unavoidable factors. Reasons for egg freezing among women from different backgrounds include:

  • A family history of early menopause
  • Need for medical treatment affecting fertility
  • Medical conditions that may cause infertility
  • Plans to delay motherhood for personal or health reasons

You may also opt for egg freezing when undergoing (IVF) In Vitro Fertilization for ethical or religious reasons.

Am I qualified for egg freezing?

Your initial visit to University Reproductive Associates allows your caregiver to determine your eligibility for egg freezing. You are educated about the entire process to help you set realistic expectations. In unfortunate cases, a frozen egg may not result in a baby.

Eggs are fragile, hence the need for specialized care. The rates of pregnancy of women undergoing IVF are quite similar to that of women using frozen eggs. You may need to freeze between fifteen and twenty eggs for better chances of a successful pregnancy.

How Egg Freezing Works

On regular days, ovaries release a single egg at a time. Your physician at University Reproductive Associates increases the number of eggs from your ovaries through a prescription of daily injections. The dose of follicle-stimulating hormone/gonadotropin is administered ten to fourteen days before harvesting.

The harvesting procedure is performed under light sedation for approximately twenty minutes. Your physician at University Reproductive Associates uses transvaginal ultrasound for success when inserting a needle through vaginal walls into the ovaries. A harmless suction is introduced to pull out the eggs required. Harvested eggs are put in sterile test tubes and assessed for maturity.

The mature eggs are frozen with the help of advanced cryopreservation procedures to inhibit the formation of ice crystals. Mature and healthy eggs of the batch are safely frozen until you’re ready and willing to use them. Through egg freezing, you have control over your fertility in the future. University Reproductive Associates offers relevant guidance to help you through.

Bottom Line

Taking full control of your future fertility ensures that you can enjoy life and make relevant plans. To learn more about egg freezing, call University Reproductive Associates or book a telemedicine consultation today.

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