5 Indicators that You Are in an Immediate Dentistry Emergency

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In an emergency, it is crucial to determine whether you require an immediate response from a dentist. If you face a head injury, broken teeth, or pain when eating sweets, make sure to call a dentist right away. The situation can get so intense that it may require close medical attention as soon as possible. Look for the best Midtown emergency dentistry for the most prompt treatment.

Here are five quick indicators that you are in a dental emergency.

  • Pain or swelling in your face, lips, or tongue

Painful swelling is a clear indication that you need to see a dentist within 24 hours. It is imperative for you to have the swollen area examined the next day so that your dentist can have an X-Ray or MRI scan of your head and neck area so that an infection can be detected anyway. It is essential for you because most people with painful swollen areas have tooth infections inside their mouths.

  •  A stiff jaw that does not open easily

If your jaw is stiff and you also have to push hard on it to open your mouth when you want to yawn, chew food, or talk, you may need medical assistance. It is very indicative of having an infection in your jaw joints and needs to be treated immediately so that you don’t suffer from severe damage.

  • Severe pain when chewing ice chips or gum

You need to know that you put your tooth at risk when chewing ice chips or gum for more than two minutes. Even though it might not hurt all the time, this is still a sign of a dental emergency and is a significant indication that you’re suffering from a primary dental disease going on inside your mouth.

  • Any significant pain in your mouth that is unbearable

Once again, this is a sign of dental pain that has become unbearable. Suppose you have tried to take painkillers or have tried to lessen the problem with any other medication, but there is no improvement. In that case, your dentist will most certainly find that there’s an underlying problem going on inside your mouth.

  •  A change in how your tongue feels 

The tongue is an essential indicator of oral health problems. If you have a swollen tongue, this means that your gums are infected. If you have a bump on your tongue or are experiencing lots of pain when chewing something, it indicates infection in the area.

In case you experience any of the indicators listed above, you must visit a dentist immediately or even go to an emergency room if you are in excruciating pain.

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