6 Steps to Build Your Dream Home

Building your dream home is likely going to be the single most significant investment you will make in your life.

As you have planned, researched and saved for this project, go over the things you need to get started on the project.

It does not matter whether you are building from scratch or renovating an old house, you will find soon enough that your time, resources and at times, patience is stretched to breaking point.

That is why having experienced, and professional builders Newcastle guide you on this journey to building your dream home will not only save you time and money, and it will also save you from a headache down the track.

Here are some pointers when building your dream home.

Look and Feel

Every one of us has a dream house, a home we will build if money was never an issue. Since this piece is about how to build your dream home, it makes sense to start by getting that dream again.

What kind of house would you love to live in for the rest of your life? What features are a must in your dream home? What is your perfect neighbourhood?

Give wings to your dreams and imagine what your dream home will look and feel like because that is the first step to building the house.

At this stage, there are no judgments, no buts, no how do you do it.

Do you want an oceanfront house with large glass panes overlooking the ocean?

Are you more of a green-scene person and would rather live on hilltops? Picture your perfect home. Sketch your ideas and take them to an architect.


While this is a tricky question since so many variables come into play that may affect the final cost of your home, it is still an important step to have a specific amount in mind while custom building your home.

Budgeting and cost estimates provide you with a structure to manage building expenses. With the budget in place, you can more effectively vet quotes from builders and also keep a tab on spending.

If you require a mortgage from the banks, these financial institutions request for a detailed breakdown of how much it will cost to build the house.

Hire qualified builders

By law, you are required to hire only licensed builders to handle projects worth more than $1000. You see, a licensed builder is like a fresh grease in a car engine – they ensure your project proceeds smoothly and as frictionless as possible.

Also, when you work with a licensed builder, you can be sure of getting quality work that is up to Australian building standards.

Building Licenses

Not only that, a good and experienced builder can advise you on the regulations, building codes, and requirements for the building.

You will not be able to start building until you have all the relevant paperwork from your local council.

Building Inspections

Building inspectors and private certifiers Newcastle regularly come to inspect and certify the work going on at every phase of the construction.

Depending on what type of loan you get for building your home, money may not be available until certain stages of the build are completed and signed off by building inspectors.

Your home will need a final inspection to ensure completion and the building meets all the requirements.

Make allowance for delays

It is only in a perfect world that things go as planned. But in the real world, things happen, bad weather could stop work for a couple of days, a tradesperson might not show up which could stall work – something which you have no control could happen and impact the progress of work.

To ensure these unplanned events do not derail or completely ruin your schedule, and you may want to work in enough wiggle room in your plans to account for delays.

Having all this in place may go some way to ensuring that your house build runs smoothly and you get to move into your dream home.

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