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Software development life cycle includes different stages for the development of a website. Various technical, organisational and team consideration efforts are included in software development. The process includes marketing research, analysing, Software related solutions, testing, bug fixing and deployment. Software developers develop software for various reasons. They might drew the idea from marketing research. Views of existing customers, sales and purchase marketing trend, discarded products by customers are few inspirational motives to design specific software.

Software development and different stages

When software engineer recognise the actual concept for software designing he step ahead. Sometimes marketing research expert find themselves unable to come to disciplined conclusion. Knowledge of multiple disciplines and team effort is required at such time. Software development company is expert in extracting exact idea what customer actually expect from a software.

Sometimes customer gives ambiguous and confusing informations but expert software engineer knows how to convert that incomplete information and results in perfect solution. The process involves the code writing and understandable scripting language. Cakephp and Codeigniter helps in designing the structure and best platform to design the software. After establishment of purpose, designing process involves rough drawing. Then language operating system and hardware part need to be decided.

After design of software structure implementation of code takes place. After code implementation testing takes place. This process fixed up the defect during test driven developments. Deployment and maintenance is the final process which involves the removal of defects and finally launch the design of software.

Cakephp web development company is the best helper during the process of web development

Cakephp provide secured and structured framework for web developers. Cakephp suits every version of php4, 5&7. It’s best platform to design custom web applications. Cakephp web development company provides high end functionality to design faster and secured web pages. This framework works upon MVC pattern. Cakephp works upon three simpler aspects first aspect is the insertion, deletion and modification of data. Secondly data rendered logically on screen with the help of view aspect.

Cakephp provides use of additional library which can be saved into model, view or controller. Thus you can use these codes for other projects moreover cakephp has add on plugins and components for the ease of web developers.

Codeigniter web framework development company assists In synchronizing faster web applications

Codeigniter is an open network source work upon MVC php framework for web application designing. You can expect some beneficial features when you undergo with Codeigniter. Codeigniter web framework development company can design or deploy web features for your applications. Applications designed under Codeigniter takes less time than other applications designed in other frameworks. When you work upon Codeigniter tutorials helps you a lot. The problem you are facing might be solved by others previously. MVC framework helps in separating data, business logic and presentation.

The working of Codeigniter works upon the logic of sensory system. As skin feels something, it sends message to brain. As a controller of human actions brain send message how to react. Such is the process of Codeigniter when user sends information controller reacts upon request. View convert the information into human readable format. Thus results are shown in the browser.

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