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Dogs are known as man’s best friends. They are some of the best companions a person could have. They give you that warm and fuzzy feeling whenever you come home from work or school. It feels great to rub their bodies and feel that soft fur on your hands while they just sit there with you excitedly wagging their tail.

But sometimes their behavior can be unpredictable. So if you want to have a harmonious relationship with your pooch, you can seek the help of experts in dog training. Orem has some great dog tamers, and they can make considerable changes in your pet’s attitude. This is important, especially if your dog has been wreaking all kinds of havoc in your house.

Aside from being best friends, dogs have also worked alongside people. There are tasks they do best, which makes them such great helpers. 


Big farms usually have flocks of sheep or cow herds that would be difficult to control at the hands of one person. Humans can be strong in many aspects, but chasing around dozens of animals can be exhausting. It is a good thing that energetic dogs can help in controlling the crowd.

A great example of a shepherding dog is the border collie. Border collies can be smaller than the sheep they are trying to control, but they pack a mean punch. They have good intimidation tactics up their sleeves, and they never tire of running back and forth until they are done corraling the herd into the farm’s fences.


The sport of hunting is challenging. It is an excellent activity for you to exercise your shooting prowess. But when you are out in the wilderness, you will not last with your shooting alone. You have to contend with the number of trees and thick bushes that obstruct your path and visibility.

Having a hunting dog come along with you can help you draw out your prey. You can have them run to the known hiding areas of ducks or rabbits so that once they pop out of their spots, you have the chance at a clear shot. Having an extra two pairs of paws can help hunters.


Dogs have an extraordinary sense of smell. This is what they use to find stuff or identify their territory. There are no specific breeds that specialize in this skill, but you can have them trained to hone it. This has been significantly used in the field of law enforcement, where the mutts help in sniffing out drugs or bombs.

You cannot ask for anything more in this kind of work, for this is a practically incorruptible creature. In the medical field, there are dogs whose noses are enlisted to detect cancer with surprising accuracy. Though this illness is a dangerous one, you might a cuddly animal to help with the diagnosis instead of a hulking and soulless machine. 

Your canine friends have unique talents that make them more endearing to humans. It is not enough that they provide you with truly unconditional love. They also serve some meaningful purposes in this world.


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