An Easy Guide For Medical Travel Insurance

Travel health insurance covers medical emergencies and emergency evacuations abroad. Globally, it is known as international health insurance coverage, international medical insurance, or worldwide medical insurance.

Travel health insurance: why?

If a traveller doesn’t need coverage for trip delays, baggage loss, missed connections, etc., they shouldn’t get travel health insurance. If the traveller is already protected for travel and flight-related issues, they can obtain health insurance for travel abroad for their overseas trip.

Indian travel health insurance benefits:

  • Cashless hospitalisation
  • For occasional and regular fliers
  • 24/7 medical assistance
  • Mostly worldwide coverage
  • Covers individuals and families
  • According to the proposal, no pre-policy medical check-up till 70
  • Travel Health Insurance Plans

Trip frequency divides travel health insurance into two types:

Single-trip travel health insurance

Single-trip travel medical insurance covers one trip. This foreign travel insurance starts when the traveller leaves and ends when they return home.

Multi-trip health insurance

Multi-trip Travel Health Insurance covers numerous journeys. Medical travel insurance typically lasts one year. Travel insurance limits trips to 30/45/60 days.

International health insurance plans are categorised by destination:

Schengen travel health insurance

Schengen Travel Insurance covers visitors to Schengen nations. The plan typically covers trips under 90 days.

Non-schengen travel health insurance

Travelers to non-Schengen countries can purchase travel health insurance. Single and multi-trip policies apply.

Travel health insurance coverage 

Travel medical insurance covers the following risks:

Medical illness treatment 

Travel medical insurance covers urgent illness care for insured travellers. Daycare and hospitalisation costs are included. Some insurers pay pre- and post-hospitalization costs for a limited time.

Personal accident 

This health insurance for travel abroad policy pays for treatment if the policyholder has an accident. It may also compensate the insured if the accident causes partial or permanent incapacity.

Emergency medical evacuation 

If a traveller needs emergency hospitalisation, medical travel insurance may cover it. Ambulance fees are covered.

Dental emergencies

Medical travel insurance covers emergency dental pain treatments for insured travellers.

Check-in baggage delay/loss

Travel insurance may cover expenses and losses if the scheduled airline delays or loses the insured’s check-in baggage.

Travel health insurance expansion:

Some travel insurance companies include these covers in their base coverage, while others charge extra. International health insurance policies offer these additional coverages:

Pre-existing diseases

This plan covers medical treatment for pre-existing problems for insured travellers.

Flight delays

The travel health insurance coverage may cover the insured traveller’s losses if their flight is delayed for more than a certain number of hours.

Personal liability 

This cover allows the insurance company to compensate the insured traveller if a third party is injured or damaged during the trip.

Policy exclusions

Travel Medical Insurance typically does not cover the following:

Traveling against medical advice – If the insured travels against medical advice, the travel insurance company may not cover medical expenses.

Pre-existing diseases – Most travel insurance providers do not cover pre-existing medical conditions or illnesses unless purchased as an add-on.

Consumption of intoxicants, such as alcohol and narcotics, may not be covered.

War or civil unrest – War, an act of war, protest, strike, terrorism, etc., may not be covered by bajaj allianz international travel insurance.

Cosmetic treatment and surgery are not covered by insurance.

STDs and HIV AIDS – This policy does not cover treatment for STDs or HIV/AIDS while travelling.

Self-inflicted injury – Travel health insurance does not cover self-inflicted injuries like suicide or attempted suicide.

Alternative treatment – Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Siddha, and Unani treatments are not covered by insurance.

Adventure sports, such as rafting and skiing, are not covered by most insurance providers.

Travel health insurance advantages

Travel is risky. Travelers risk illness due to climate change and effort. Health foreign travel insurance helps travellers who get sick or injured on vacation.

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