Are You Ready for a Career Change? Answer These 6 Questions

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Experiencing work frustrations from time to time is a completely natural thing. During your working life, there will always be highs and lows – it’s as simple as that. 

But how does one figure out if it’s more than just that? Maybe your job has run its course and it is time to look for something new? Changing careers is a huge step and can seem very intimidating. 

However, keep in mind that work plays a huge role in most people’s lives – if your job makes you feel stressed, miserable, or bored, that can have a very negative effect on your mental and physical health. 

For that matter, try answering these 6 questions – they will help you determine whether you should or shouldn’t make a career change. 

  1. Are you bored with your job? 

Do you feel like you could effectively complete your daily work in your sleep? If so, you’re probably bored with your job and need a new challenge. 

Refusing to target a better job and staying at the same level for years is something you’re very likely to regret in the future. While there’s nothing wrong with being good at your current job, moving up the ladder and asking a little more of yourself could easily change your life for the better. 

  1. Are you being overworked? 

On the opposite side of being bored with your job is something called employee burnout

If you’re a capable and reliable worker, your boss could start taking you for granted. He or she may steadily increase your workload over time while offering nothing in return. 

If this is your case, there are three things you can do. You could either confront your employer about the situation, find a similar position in a different company, or make a career change. Sometimes, the third option is the most beneficial one, particularly for one’s mental health. 

  1. Are you happy with your earnings? 

If you keep working hard for your employer but receive no extra money in return, you’ve probably been in the same job for too long. 

In other words, if getting a promotion seems like an impossible thing even though you’re continuing to bust your gut for the boss, you’re pretty much under-selling your professional services. 

Keep in mind that your wage should reflect your worth. If you feel like you’re being underpaid, setting your sights on a new career is probably the best decision. 

  1. Do you have the necessary skills? 

When it comes to this question, you need to be brutally honest with yourself. Do you actually have what it takes to thrive in an entirely new industry? 

Everybody knows how unforgiving the job market can be. You may think that you have the necessary skills when you actually don’t. 

The solution to this issue is as simple as acquiring the necessary skills for your new career path by taking online courses or applying for internships. Consider hiring a career coach, too – while coaching comes with a cost, these experienced professionals can help you improve your skills and explore career options.  

  1. Can you afford a career change? 

As we already mentioned, making a career change is a huge step – it can drastically alter one’s life in many different aspects, including the financial aspect. 

For that matter, ask yourself – can I actually afford to swap careers? Keep in mind that the transition can take a serious toll on your budget, especially if you’re planning to take a break before you start working again. 

Creating a financial plan that will support you throughout the transition period can be of great help. It goes without saying, but you’ll also need to thoroughly research industry reports and determine if your new career path comes with a pay that can support your lifestyle. 

  1. Have you been headhunted? 

Have you been contacted by a recruitment agency, with them inviting you to come work for a particular company? If so, why not go for it? 

Companies often try to fill vacant positions by hiring recruiters who know how to find suitable candidates. In case you’ve made it onto the radar of a particular recruitment agency, you can consider that as a pretty clear sign that you could get the position. 

What’s more, the fact that you’ve been headhunted usually means that you’ll have a strong negotiating position in terms of payment and benefits. 

Everybody deserves a job that makes them happy. Answering the questions mentioned above should help you take the first steps towards finding your dream career. 

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