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If you have had a charge of DUI, you may need a DUI lawyer to get a better outcome for your case. Getting a DUI charge is a serious offense, and hiring an attorney to help you is the smartest thing you can do. These attorneys are well-versed in cases related to drugs and alcohol, and they have the expertise needed to give you a strong defense against these charges.

Better Outcomes

A DUI lawyer fights for you to try to get you a better outcome for your case. They will go over all of the facts of your case and try to get reduced charges in many circumstances. The exact reading of your Breathalyzer test often comes into play, and you may be able to get your charge reduced down to reckless driving. Depending on the facts of your case, your attorney may even be able to get your charges dismissed. With an attorney who specializes in cases involving drugs and alcohol, all of the laws and guidelines that can affect your charges and sentencing can come into play to get you a better outcome.

What You Could Face

Most people with a DUI charge do not hire an attorney to represent them. This can result in charges sticking when they shouldn’t. It can also result in worse sentencing outcomes. Just a few of the things you can face when you have a DUI charge include: enormous fines, jail time, a long DUI program that you must attend and the suspension or revoking of your driver’s license. All of these can change lives, and none of them are pleasant to go through. To give yourself a better chance against your charges, you need a DUI lawyer to help you find your way through laws, charges and sentencing.

Plea Deals

In some serious DUI cases in which you were on hard drugs, your blood-alcohol level was exceptionally high or someone was harmed as a result of your driving, you may not be able to escape jail time. Your attorney can then work up a plea deal. This would allow you to plead guilty to the charges in exchange for a lesser sentence.

Understanding the Process

DUI law can be complicated, and your attorney can make sure that you understand your charges and what you may face. Getting through such a complex process is no easy task, and when you have a DUI attorney to help you, you can get all of your questions answered.

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