How to Become a Medical Biller

Medical billing refers to a payment practice in the health system of the United States. If you want to improve your knowledge of medical billing, learn brand-new skills for the maximization of medical reimbursement, you should think about investing some time and money into earning a certification for medical billing. Read this article to learn more about how to become a medical biller or Kareo billing specialist.

Table of Contents

Study and Preparation

The first stage of pursuing certification for medical billing, you need to study and prepare. This involves the following steps:

  • Select an Acronym. First, you should decide on what type of medical biller certification you’re interested in earning. Next, you should try to determine how you will fulfill the requirements for the credential you choose. The main medical billing certifications are Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) and the Certified Medical Billing Specialist (CMBS).
  • Find Resources. Once you’ve chosen a specification, you should look for resources to aid in preparing for the examination. Some students will use a textbook for self-study while other students will enroll in classroom-based preparatory classes or online classes. In general, it will take anywhere from three to six weeks to complete the preparatory course. However, you will be able to find programs that are shorter or longer. Many online certification courses permit you to study at a pace that you decide. You get to decide the amount of time that is available for the completion of the coursework.
  • Become an Association Member. In order to take a certification exam, you must become an association member. This involves applying to the association and paying the membership fee. You should remember that organizations demand that you get a high school diploma.

Exam Component

Getting a certification for medical billing shows employers that you can maintain a high level of professionalism and competency, ensure proper documentation for claims, avoid penalties, and achieve reimbursement. To accomplish this step, you need to pass a credentialing exam.

If you decide on the CMRS exam, you can go to the website of the American Medical Billing Association to get a study guide. Next, you will use the secure Learning Management System to take the exam online. You will have 45 days to complete the exam upon purchase. Once you are done with the exam, you will get the final score immediately. The confirmation of certification will arrive in about three to five business days.

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