What Are the Benefits of a Layer Build Palletizer

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In order for businesses to compete today, it is important to invest in the latest tools and technological options to help them stay ahead of the competition. One tool that businesses can use is called a layer build palletizer. First, a palletizer is a tool that is used to pack cases and orders accurately and efficiently, expediting their delivery to the intended customer. It is important for all businesses to think about how they can use palletizers as effectively as possible. One option comes in the form of layer building.

What Is Layer Building?

First, layer building is the practice or sorting, optimizing, and maximizing the amount of space that is available on pallets for various cases. When companies think about the amount of space they have ahead of time, they can take steps to use the space on the pallet in the best manner possible. On conveyor stations, it is possible to build full layers where they are then picked up by a vacuum tooling arm and loaded onto the case in an efficient manner by a palletizing robot. When companies employ palletizing layer building, there are a few benefits that will rise to the surface.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Layer Build Palletizer?

When it comes to a layer building palletizing robot, there are a few benefits that everyone should note. These include:

  • Companies that decide to build layers at the build stations will be able to save time when compared to more traditional pick and place stacking methods that have been employed in the past
  • With this method, users will have the option to select recipes that have been built in the past or to use new recipes that come directly from the user-robot interface area, which will improve the efficiency of processes that might see a lot of product variety
  • When companies decide to build layers, this will improve the applications and product delivery methods where there might be multiple sized cases that are sent to a central location
  • With this method, it is possible for a single robot to palletize up to four lines at the same time
  • It is possible to handle high-volume production with fewer robots

These are just a few of the biggest benefits of using this method.

Invest in Advanced Palletizing Technology

It is important for everyone to take steps to leverage the most advanced technology on the market. This is where the layer building method can be helpful. This has the potential to not only save time but also reduce overhead costs. In many ways, this can help companies maintain an edge when compared to other businesses in their industries.