The Benefits of Using Chemically-Etched Metals

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Are you looking for a quick, reliable and affordable way to get the metal parts your company needs? Chemical etching may just be the answer you’re looking for. This process creates quality metal parts without the set-up time and expense associated with stamping and punch pressing.

What is Chemical Etching?

Chemical etching is a quick and affordable alternative to stamping, punching and laser-cutting. The process uses digital tooling to design the part. Then the metal is prepped, cleaned and coated with a photosensitive material. The metal is then inserted into a special machine where it is exposed to UV light on both sides. When the light touches the metal, it becomes hard, while areas that are shaded from light remain soft. The soft parts of the metal are stripped away and the metal is exposed to an etchant designed for the particular metal.

The Benefits of Using Chemically-Etched Metal

There are a number of benefits to using chemically-etched metals for your parts. Just a few of these benefits include…

  1. You don’t have to invest in expensive hard tooling machinery. Even if you use a machine shop for your tooling, the expense of the machinery necessary for the traditional stamping and punching process is passed on to customers. Chemically-etched metals use digital technology, so the set-up cost and hardware required is much less expensive.
  2. Fast turnaround times. Since the process of creating the template for a chemically-etched part is done digitally, no labor-intensive re-tooling is involved and the parts can be produced quickly and efficiently.
  3. Works on virtually any metal. The chemical etching process is very versatile and can be used on most any kind of metal and a variety of thicknesses. We work with copper alloys, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and nickel alloys.
  4. Precision. Digital technology makes it possible to create amazing detail in chemically-etched metal parts.

If you’re not familiar with chemically-etched metals, we invite to you see how this process can produce the parts your company needs quickly and affordably. For more information, visit United Western Enterprises online or contact us by phone at (insert contact info). We’ve been supplying quality, chemically-etched parts for a variety of industries for more than 50 years.

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