How to Take Care of your Leather Sofa 

Your sofa is an essential piece of furniture in your living room. It could be the most considerable investment you’ve made on an asset. Some designer leather sofas are costly, and you may have to take good care of them to protect your investment.

The material used in making the sofa can make it a bit tricky to maintain. For instance, having a white suede leather sofa in your living room, with kids around is never a good option. The sofas can get dirty anytime when kids and pets keep jumping on them.

There is a lot you want to do to ensure your expensive sofa is always clean and in perfect shape. In this post, we give you some five tips from Adventures in Furniture to help you take care of your modern sofa.

Know the type of leather sofa you have

Ideally, the first step to taking care of your leather seats is knowing the type of leather the manufacture has used on them. The type of leather will determine how you can clean the sofa and what detergents you can use for cleaning. 

A leather sofa can either be protected or unprotected. Protected leather is pure and soft. It is made of pure aniline and usually comes in many different colours. In most cases, it remains pure, with no additional coating. Some may have a thin coat of dirt-resistance treatment. Conversely, protected leather comes in semi-aniline material. They last longer and are easy to maintain. Most people prefer protected leather because they are affordable and take little time to clean.

Clean it regularly 

Regular cleaning of sofas with protected and unprotected leather is the best way to keep them clean round-the-clock. You can use a dry and clean cloth to remove the surface dirt on the sofa every day. Also, if you have a vacuum cleaner, you can use it to clean the leather sofa and remove all the hidden dirt on its surface. 

In some cases, you can mix non-detergent soap with distilled water and use a microfibre cloth to clean the surface of the leather. Using soap detergents can damage the leather. Also, you must avoid all alkaline and ammonia products.

Remove spills immediately

Leather quickly absorbs liquid spills, which may damage it beyond repair. Whenever you spill anything on your leather sofa, you should clean it instantly to prevent it from soaking inside. Use a clean and dry cloth to absorb the spill on unprotected leather. In the case of liquid spillages on the leather sofa, you can dump a clean white cloth in distilled water and use it to clean the leather.

If you spill oil products like butter, you can wipe the leather surface with a dry white cloth. Sometimes you can have stains that take long to disappear on the leather surface. Moist a sponge in lukewarm water and non-soap detergent then use it to clean the leather.

Use a leather conditioner

Using a leather conditioner twice a year can help preserve the original look on your modern sofa. Your leather sofa can maintain its natural softness and oils if you use a quality leather conditioner to clean all the dirt that lands on it. Some leather conditioners may contain wax and silicone that make the surface of your leather sofa sticky. You must ensure you get the best quality leather conditioner for your sofa.

Final thoughts

Regular cleaning of your leather sofa with a recommended detergent is the only way to preserve its aesthetic. The tips we have listed here should help you maintain and take good care of your leather sofa.





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