Can Cilantro Extract Help Relieve the Symptoms of Anxiety?

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Cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley, contains essential minerals and vitamins that are known for their health benefits. Highly nutritious and rich in antioxidants, Cilantro may help protect the body from inflammation and cellular damage. Cilantro extract is also known to aid in digestion. Research has also found that cilantro may help protect against oxidative stress, detoxifying the body from harmful effects. 

However, one benefit of cilantro extract that most aren’t aware of is it may alleviate conditions of stress and anxiety. Several animal studies and lab research suggest that cilantro extracts may have anti-anxiety properties, without any potential side effects. But does cilantro really help with anxiety? Let’s understand here. 

Calming Effects of Cilantro Extracts 

Studies suggest that cilantro has natural sedative properties, which may help calm your nerves and improve the quality of sleep. This may help relieve the symptoms of anxiety. According to a study, when high levels of cilantro extracts are consumed, it may provide similar calming effects as Diazepam. 

However, the latter may have potential side effects such as hallucinations, memory problems, muscle weakness, aggression, or agitation. But when you use all-natural cilantro extracts, the anti-anxiety effects may be the same as Diazepam but with potentially no side effects. 

May Help Alleviate the Symptoms of Anxiety 

Lab researches show that cilantro extracts may have anxiety-relieving properties. This is primarily associated with flavonoids and essential oils that cilantro contains naturally. It is rich in Linalool, an essential oil known for its calming effects on the central nervous system. Additionally, it is also known to have anticonvulsant properties that may help relieve the frequency and severity of seizures in different types of epilepsy. 

By helping promote sleep quality, cilantro further alleviates the conditions of anxiety. 

Increased Levels of Feel-Good Chemicals in the Brain 

According to research, cilantro extracts may help stimulate the production of feel-good or anti-anxiety chemicals, noradrenaline, and dopamine in all parts of the brain. On the other hand, Diazepam supports increased levels of these brain chemicals, but only in the hippocampus region. Hence, the effects of cilantro might be better and prolonged than Diazepam. 

The release of the body’s “feel-good chemicals” may have a calming effect, helping alleviate the symptoms of anxiety. These include muscle tightening, palpitations, irritability, sweating, rapid breathing, and chest pain. Furthermore, cilantro is known to help reduce oxidative stress and aids in heavy metal detoxification. It also seems to be beneficial in helping maintain optimum blood sugar levels. 

With improved physiological functioning comes better mental well-being, which can help alleviate the conditions of stress and anxiety. 

How to Take Cilantro?

Of course, taking a tiny spring of cilantro in your salad or soup may not deliver effective results when you are looking for anti-anxiety benefits. On the other hand, eating cilantro in large bunches can also cause indigestion or stomach upsets. The ideal way to have the best results is through cilantro extracts. Mix 20-30 drops in a glass of water, juice, or tea and consume it three times a day or as directed by the practitioner. 

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