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How do you put your favorite piece of art up for sale? Well, we are happy to help. Blackwell Auctions is an antique items auction house with Art Auctioneers in St Petersburg, Clearwater, and Sarasota, Florida. We are currently looking for different types of art, including oil paintings, Bronze sculptures, Watercolors, Art Glass, Modern, Fantasy, Graffiti, Chinese and Japanese Art. We are looking for works by Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, Leonardo Da Vinci, Henri Matisse, Jackson Pollock, Rene Magritte, and such artists. If you have such kind of art and rare paintings you wish to sell, follow this guide to help you put them up for sale.

How to Sell Your Art at an Auction House

Request an Evaluation

Auction houses have a team of experts for a free evaluation of a limited quantity of art objects. They do this provided you can give them the photographic documentation and as much helpful information as possible. Dimensions, technique acquisition details answering the questions of how and when you got your art, without forgetting any certificates of authenticity and purchase. The more information you have about your artwork, the more likely you will receive a correct estimate of your art’s value.

Sign the Sale Mandate

When the auction house establishes that one or more works of your art have all the prerogatives to be auctioned, you accept and sign the “Sale Mandate,” which confers the assignment. The documents include; the description of the object, the transport, insurance details, information on the commission to be paid to our auction house in the event of a sale or the buyer premium, and the reserve price, the minimum price you are willing to sell. The reserve is confidential and does not coincide with the minimum estimate of the object.

Ship the Artwork to the Auction House

The experts at the auction house will determine the best place and time to sell the item, which is shipped by the owner using the transport services of choice or made available by the auction house. The art object is photographed, cataloged with a lot number, and displayed at one or more auction house locations depending on its importance to catalyze interest. On the day of the auction sale, you can follow the negotiation in the hall or online if completed successfully.

How is Your Artwork Valued?

Is it original?

Is your artwork an original painting or sculpture? The original print is signed or numbered. Reproductions, including posters and art, do not attract high prices and might not be considered.

Can the artist be identified?

We thoroughly examine your artwork for any signatures, initials, inscriptions, or other markings that indicate the name of the artist. This information may not always be front-and-center; we also check the bottoms and back sides. We use the assistance of a framer or restorer to look after under linings and frames without causing any damage. After identifying the artist, we use several online and offline resources to consult and learn more about them and get a rough idea of their works, including recent sales of the artist’s work, museums, and galleries with the artist’s work in their possession.

The condition of your art

We determine if there is any visible damage or any visible repair. We check if the color is strong or faded. Is your art clean or dirty? We always get the opinion of a restorer. Often, if your works have never been touched, although dirty or in need of repair, they have more value than ones that have been.

How did you acquire your art?

How did you obtain your artwork? Did you get it directly or from a dealer/gallery/auction house? Did you inherit your art, or do you have any documents to verify how it was acquired?

What other details do you know?

Facts such as date, title, medium, and historical provenance, when documented, can help determine the value of an artwork. For instance, work from a specific period in the artist’s life might be more valuable than work from other periods. The same can be true for working in a medium or size that was different for the artist.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to sell your art?

Rare paintings and art are always in demand by international buyers and collectors. With several live and online auctions happening throughout the year, we offer many options to sell your art. The recommended sale timing will depend on your personal preferences. Submit your art today, and speak with our specialists about how Blackwell Auctions can help you sell your painting.

How much does it cost for my art to be appraised?

We do not offer appraisals, only auction estimate valuations which are complimentary and do not cost you anything. We review all submissions and provide valuations for the paintings we believe will sell at an auction. We will inform you if your painting is a good fit for our art auction.

How do I ship my paintings to St. Petersburg or Clearwater?

The first step to selling your art or rare painting with Blackwell Auctions is to submit your painting details online. Once submitted, our specialists will keep in touch with the auction estimate and consignment details. They can also assist with securing a quote for shipping.

What type of paintings does St. Petersburg sell?

Antique, modern, or vintage pieces of art, we buy and sell them all. Here’s a summary of how Blackwell Auction House works:

Upload photos. Submit images of the artwork you wish to sell along with relevant details like artist, time, period, and medium.

Get a sales option. When your art is accepted, our specialists will give you an estimate and the best sales option via a live or online auction.

Sell your artwork. We find the best buyer for your work, arrange shipping, and secure payment when it sells.

Upload photos of your rare paintings here and get a free evaluation. Get the best deal for selling your art!

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