5 Things You Should Do to Get Your Home Ready as a Rental Property

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Before you rent out your property to your first tenant, there are a couple of things you need to do to get your rental ready.

Giving your property a facelift, repairing faulty amenities and improving the property’s curb appeal are essential preparatory tasks before listing your property.

But, aside from these points above, are there other activities that can help present your property in the best possible way to potential renters?

Let us find out.

Deep clean the property

This is not your ordinary, regular cleaning. You want to dive deep to ensure every nook and corner of the property is sparkling and gleaming.

Renters, just like buyers, will go through the unit to be sure it meets their needs before renting. And often, one of the things they look out for is how well-kept the place is.

Dirt and grease are off-putting and will often make renters begin to wonder what other defects are hidden.

But of course, you may not have the time or even be willing to clean the property deep yourself. That is why hiring a professional cleaning service like Houseproud Cleaning service is an option you ought to explore.

Fix up broken amenities

Dangling bulb holders, squeaky stairways, and dangerously exposed wirings need to be fixed to attract high-quality renters. Broken amenities will make renters turn away and look at other properties.

You see, for renters, the quality of your unit tells them what they need to know about how serious you are about managing and maintaining the property.

A well-maintained, pristine property indicates you take maintenance seriously and will be readily available to handle any future repairs.

Broken amenities, on the other hand, show you are probably going to be a bad landlord and only care about the money.

Fixing broken amenities will not only increase the value and quality of the property, but it will also help create a favourable perception about you as a landlord.

Provide convenient amenities

Following the point above, you also want to provide necessary and convenient amenities for potential renters.

For example, most renters expect at the minimum that rental properties have phone and internet connection, adequate heating and cooling system and basic security in place.

Privacy is another primary concern for most renters and of course, good water pressure.

While these are fundamental requirements of a quality household, you want to go above and beyond to ensure your renters have a great experience renting your property.

For instance, consider adding onsite laundry – a laundry room is also excellent if an in-unit laundry is not feasible.

A designated parking lot for each renter will be much appreciated especially in the densely populated neighbourhood since you would not want renters circling the block for several minutes to find a space to park their cars.

Get landlord insurance

Before you list your unit for rent, be sure to take out landlord insurance to cover for any damages or unforeseen events that may happen when leasing your property.

Comprehensive landlord insurance ensures you are not short on income when potential tenants default on payment. You have peace of mind, since you know in case of any possible damages, you are covered.

In Australia, landlord insurance covers most tenant-related risks, including protection against furnishings and damages to the building.

Update services and utilities

One final thing before tenants move in is to check readings for electricity, telephone, gas and water. If, however, you are moving be sure to cancel your account and transfer to renter’s details.

Be sure to update services providers such as cleaners, pool and grounds maintenance contractors with the new arrangement.

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