Available Types of Bathroom Vanity That Can Transform Your Bathroom

There are endless types of bathroom vanities on the market today. See below for some outstanding ideas on ways to transform your space using bathroom vanities

Bathroom Vanities with Waterfall Taps

A waterfall tap is exactly what it sounds like, offering a stream of falling water into the sink below. It’s perfect for those with ultra-modern tastes in bathroom vanities

Statement Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities

This is a wooden plank that comes out from the wall, downwards towards the floor, and then curls up to create a shelf underneath the vanity table top. There are many types of these modern wood bathroom vanities available depending on your own design preferences. 

Bathroom Vanities with Vessel Style Sinks

A vessel style sink in a bathroom vanity offers a hint of modernity with a classic shape that suits many bathroom looks. Before you go for a “normal” style of sink to economise, consider what a vessel sink may offer in terms of style and class. 

Rustic Wooden Bathroom Vanities as a Contrast on White

Your bathroom vanities are not just there to fulfil a function – they’re also an opportunity to make a style statement. You can do this with ease when you choose from rustic wooden bathroom vanities that contrast with stark white tiling and linen. 

Ultra-Modern Bathroom Vanities 

Ultra-modern bathroom vanities are now widely available to renovators. You can even get column sink designs that cut through the centre of low level bathroom vanities for a dramatic art deco effect. Embellish with circular mirrors as you see fit.

Bathroom Vanities with Full Length Mirror 

Did you know that you can get bathroom vanities that incorporate a full-length mirror? This makes checking out your look for the day even easier before you step out the front door. 

Simple Small Bathroom Vanities with Feature Shelf

Bathroom vanities don’t need to be large to be perfectly created for a certain space. By using a simple and neutral sink and tapware, the focus is left to the feature shelf in an eye-catching hue that sits above the vanity. Try red, yellow or even gold for shelf colours – the choice is yours, but it’s a good idea to try to match the rest of your bathroom. 

Bathroom Vanities with a Backlit Mirror

Nothing says Hollywood like a backlit mirror, and it’s possible to have a backlit mirror as part of any bathroom vanity that you choose. The backlit mirror really does add a lot of ambience to your bathroom, making it well worth considering. 

Modern Bathroom Vanities 

Modern bathroom vanities can be floating wall-mounted or floor standing. Either way, they offer an air of sophistication with the added benefit of plenty of storage room. 

 Bathroom Vanities with Warm Wood Tones

Bathroom vanities with warm wood tones can be used to contrast with cool tones in the countertop or in the tapware. The warmth of the wood provides a homely feel, while the cool hues offer a splash of modernity. 

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