Backflow Preventer Systems Are Necessary for Your Commercial Building: Here’s Why

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APFE Corp. offers a variety of beneficial services to the people of Southern California. They provide products that are useful for putting out fires. These types of events can happen at any given moment, and people always need water to put out the fires. Of course, there are pipe and valve systems that handle the water used for this purpose, as well as the water that is used for drinking. Among what APFE offers are backflow preventer systems. While these may be unfamiliar to some, they are actually instrumental in preventing people from receiving stuff in their water that they do not want.


Before explaining backflow preventer systems, it is important to note what exactly backflow is. Backflow refers to the contaminants that flow backward into safe to drink water from an “end-use” hazard. The causes are typically events that occur within public or private water distribution systems, such as broken distribution pipe, plumbing repairs, or firefighters using a large volume of water to put out fires. Backflow could even be caused by power outages. Negative pressures or excessive pressures in these events can cause contaminated water to go into the drinking supply, which is definitely an unwanted outcome in these situations. Knowing all this, one would want a backflow preventer system.

Backflow Preventer Systems

When it comes to backflow preventer systems, there are a couple of categories to bring up. There are domestic emergency backflow preventers, and there are fire backflow preventers. Both of these are made for the purpose of keeping liquids from flowing in the wrong direction. Buildings that are obligated to have emergency backflow preventers include those that are commercial, industrial, or office-filled. Fire backflow preventers, meanwhile, are used for water meant to extinguish fires. They can ensure that contaminated water does not flow back into a public or drinking water supply. Buildings equipped with backflow preventers would handle the water exactly how it needs to be handled.

Consequences of Contaminated Water

The effects of contaminated water can range from minimal to maximum risks. While some might feel safe enough, one can never be too safe from afflictions that may arise. The CDC lists several diseases that could result from contaminated water, including E. coli, Hepatitis A, and Salmonella, just to name a few. Symptoms of such diseases can include diarrhea, fatigue, fever, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting. Needless to say, people would want to prevent having to experience any of these. Backflow preventer systems would make these events less likely to occur, thus keeping people safe from these illnesses. Contaminants can be serious, so it is best to take preventative measures against them.

Back Yourself Up

So if you are concerned about water contaminants, then you should be aware that backflow preventer systems would have your back. These would effectively protect people against unwanted backflow. The cleaner the water, the healthier that the people remain. If you have any further questions, APFE Corp. would be able to answer them, as well as provide you with the backflow preventer systems that you seek, as well as many other services or products pertaining to protection against fire. Security is something that everyone should have, and backflow preventers would give them that security in matters related to their water.

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