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Google play store and Apple app store have so many different versions of block puzzles and brain-teasing games. These are easy to understand, have cleaner graphics, intuitive gameplay and mostly are as per expectations. One such block puzzle is BlockuDoku by Easybrain – a fantastic and highly compelling game that will be very hard for you to put down. Moreover, amid the Coronavirus outbreak, what better way could it be to spend your time while at home? 

About BlockuDoku

As the name suggests, BlockuDoku is a fab combination of a block puzzle as well as Sudoku. When you start playing the game, it seems exciting and easy. But, as you move forward with the subsequent levels, it gets really challenging, and you certainly won’t be able to put it down. 

Easybrain is a leading mobile developer delivering creativity, intelligence, and excellence in every game and product they come out with. Be it Sudoku, Nonogram or the BlockuDoku puzzle game, each one has distinctive characteristics and is carved out with perfection.

If you are a fan of puzzles and also love playing Sudoku – BlockuDoku is the perfect block puzzle for you. It relaxes your mind and helps you create a balance in your daily life. Yes, mobile games are powerful enough to impact your everyday routine, especially when you play such a brainy puzzle with full dedication. This, in turn, cheers you up, makes you feel relaxed and provides a sense of satisfaction along with achievement. So many user reviews mention how the game has totally met the expectations and has proved addictive, doubling their joy!

So, How to Play BlockuDoku Puzzle?

Being a mix of both a block game as well as Sudoku, the BlockuDoku mobile app functions on similar concepts. The game requires a logical bent of mind, along with some creative skills to find a unique solution to every level you play.

Talking of how to play this game, the rules are quite simple. All you have to do is keep the board as clean as possible. You have to match differently shaped blocks to remove as many lines and squares as possible from the grid. 

Upon startup, the app takes you through a short tutorial where you can learn the basics. Once this is done, you can start playing the daily challenges. Here you get to solve unique puzzles every day. Play these straight up for a month, and you can win exciting rewards or trophies.

Try Yourself!

The mobile game is available for both Android as well as iOS users. So, to master the techniques of this block puzzle, download the game from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and start challenging your skills. 

Remember, the quicker you play, the cleaner the board gets, and the higher you score. 

Stay safe and happy playing!


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