Cigars are dried and fermented tobacco rolled in bundles that are made to be smoked.  Cigars and cigarettes are quite different from each other. Cigarettes are rolled in a paper or substance which does not contain tobacco, but cigars are rolled in tobacco leaf or substances which contain tobacco. Cigars are produced both hand-made and through machines. Machine-made cigars are consistent because the tobacco can be more precisely formulated within the cigars. Cuba is well known across the world for its long-filler hand-rolled cigars. There are many famous cigar manufacturing brands like Serie sf cigars and Ashton VSG cigars which are famous all over the world.

Types of cigar

  •       Parejo; It is the most common cigar. Parejo is a cylindrical cigar with a little rounded head.
  •       Torpedo; Torpedo cigars are tapered from the foot to the head of the cigar.
  •       Belicoso: It is a cylindrical cigar, but the last ¾ th inch of the cigar is tapered.


The primary component of the cigar being tobacco leaves, they are harvested and aged using a curing process. After the leaves attain the desired level of flavor, aroma, and burning characteristics, they are used in different components of the cigars.

There are three components in a cigar- filler, binder, and wrapper. Fillers can be of different sizes. The uniqueness of a blend mostly depends on the filler used, and that is why manufacturers use multiple tobacco leaves from various places across the world in order to get a unique blend of taste.  Binders is a layer beneath the wrapper which wraps and holds the filler together in place. The leaves are used for the fillers and binders do not have to be perfect as they are meant to be burnt strictly for taste. But, in the wrapper’s case, the leaves have to be very perfect as it gives the outlook of the cigar, and it also tends to be the most flavorful leaves of the cigar.


Cigars are hugely popular in the United States and Europe, and both account for almost 75% of cigar consumption worldwide. According to a recent survey in the US, it was found that in almost 4.9% of all adults, 7.6% of all students in grades 9-12, and 2.6% of all students in grades 6-8 were current smokers of a cigar. In 2018, it was estimated that in the United States, almost 12.2 million people, or 4.5% of the total US population aged 12 years old or more, were current cigar smokers.

The most possible reason behind cigars being so popular and accepted worldwide would be the marketing strategy behind cigars. Cigars were endorsed by influential celebrities, which made them more desirable for the general public. Also, the product placement in movies and making it popular amongst women were a few of the strategies that made cigars very popular.

Cigar Accessories

Smoking cigars have been a symbol of prestige and luxury for many generations, and this notion has not changed much in modern times as well. Be it a serie sf cigars or be it any other reputed brand, the value of a cigar remains constant. A cigar not only comes as a simple item like a regular cigarette, it rather comes with its own interesting accessories and ornaments.

On a general basis, there are three significant accessories that can accompany or complement a cigar. One of the most common accessories is a travel case. Usually, a travel case is used to protect the cigar from heat or other substances which might damage it. These cases are usually made up of plastic, metal, or expandable leather.

Another common accessory that is used with a cigar is a tube. These cigar tubes are used to carry a limited number of cigars. These tubes cannot carry more than five cigars at a time. Such cases are usually made up of stainless steel and cannot be used for a very long duration of time. In case someone wants to use such tubes for a longer period of time, one has to get the ones with the built-in humidifier and hygrometer. Another popular accessory is a cigar holder or a cigar stand,  commonly used to keep a cigar out of an ashtray.

Health Effects

Amongst all the popularity, cigars are considered to be a health hazard. In such cases, even good quality cigars like Serie sf cigars can cause health troubles. It is found that regular cigar smokers are highly prone to develop cancers of the lung, esophagus, larynx, and oral cavity. It also increases the chances for lung diseases such as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Smoking cigars often leads to addiction to nicotine and cigarette usage. People who inhale cigars very deeply or people who smoke cigars very frequently have an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease.

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