Considering Solar Roof Tiles For Buildings

Homeowners around the world seem to prefer solar roof tiles ditching the traditional roof-mounted solar modules. Roof tiles are available in myriad shapes and sizes that can seamlessly intertwine with the existing roof. The modern photovoltaic tile roofing is invisible, which increases the aesthetic value of the property.

What are roof tiles?

Roof tiles consist of thin layers of photovoltaic elements included directly into the tiles. It works similarly to conventional solar panels. When the installation is complete, solar tiles replace sunlight with clean, and renewable electricity for buildings and homes. The excess energy that is produced is stored in the grid of the roof tiles which can be utilized during cloudy and rainy weather.

Reasons to consider solar roof tiles

Several buildings and houses still use traditional solar panels mostly because they aren’t aware of modern solar roof tiles. The following aspects mentioned below state the reasons for considering solar roof tiles for an energy-efficient home.

Cost and maintenance

Installing solar roof tiles is a cheaper option than traditional solar panels. Though the installation is more complicated and requires a skilled person, in terms of maintenance, it is almost nil. The solar tiles have to be placed directly into the roof. Installing solar roof tiles is not a DIY project. One needs to understand the concept of both roofing and electricity to incorporate solar tiles into the roof. Hence, hiring an expert is recommended.

Aesthetic value

This is one of the foremost reasons for considering solar roof tiles more than conventional roof-mounted solar panels. The solar roof tiles can complement the style and architecture of buildings without hampering the rooflines of the building by installing heavy panels. The photovoltaic tiles are designed in shapes and sizes that sync with the majority of the roofs of the buildings. Colors range in different tones, making it easier for homeowners to select the apt one for their property.


Traditional solar panels are bulky which makes their installation unsuitable on certain areas of the roof. On the other hand, solar roof tiles can be incorporated on an entire roof of a building without disrupting appearance. Because the solar roof tiles can be installed over an entire roof, the generation of energy to power a building is better and more efficient. Efficiency depends more on the orientation of roof, shading, and exposure to the sun, and roof tiles complement these factors seamlessly.


Solar roof tiles have a life expectancy of almost 30 years to 40 years without much effort and cost involved in maintenance. Furthermore, there are solar roof tiles designed in a way that individual tiles, when worn, can be easily replaced when necessary. The roof tiles also prevent the roofing materials from elements that generate electricity and also keep the insulation of the roof intact.


Solar roof tiles are the latest addition to the renewable energy market. Homeowners and business houses are swapping traditional solar panels with solar roof tiles for all the right reasons. They are lightweight, easy to disassemble, and available in trendy colors and designs, assisting people to build green, renewable, and stylish homes. 


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