What Makes Immediate Edge the Best Trading App? 

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Do you wonder about the Immediate Edge App? Rest assured that the software claims to make money online through crypto prices betting. The bot claims to have a 90 percent win rate. It implies that it would be relatively less risky and highly profitable than manual trading. With such a huge win rate, the users are likely to make a profit in every 9 out of 10 trades. 

It would be pertinent to mention here that Immediate Edge relies on sophisticated technologies for manual conducting of trading research and execution. You do not require technical knowledge or skills to use the bot. Let us delve into the Immediate Edge Review to gain in-depth knowledge about the Immediate Edge App. 

Working of the Immediate Edge App 

Immediate Edge System entails the trading strategies used by the best crypto speculator of the world. These strategies would be coded into an algorithm for carrying out the functions of the human trader automatically. It would not be wrong to suggest that the algorithm claims have been ten times quicker than manual trading. Moreover, it could improve itself through data learning. 

Important features of the Immediate Edge App 

Immediate Edge ranks among the most profitable bots. The following features make Immediate Edge worth the risk. 

Consistent profitability

Immediate Edge claims to make up to 100 percent of daily profit. It implies that people trying the bot would make an average of $100 per day from the $250 deposit. It would be pertinent to mention here that a higher deposit with Immediate Edge would help you earn a higher profit. You could increase the size of your account by plowing back profits. 

Ease to use

Being an automatic trader, Immediate Edge App would not require any expertise in using the app. You would use the app despite a trading background. The app does live trading at a click of a button. Once the live button is on, you could continue with your daily business. It would not require more than 20 minutes a day for monitoring your business. You would get a manual to help you through the setup and live trading. 

Review withdrawals

It enables the users to withdraw their money as and when they need it. The process entails filing a request form on the management page of their funds. You would get the funds in your bank account in less than two working days. There is no money withdrawal fee charged. However, the bot makes money by charging a commission on the profits generated by the users. It implies that any failure to make a profit would render you empty-handed. You could withdraw all your money inclusive of the trading capital without any hassles. 

Round the clock customer service

The software provides round the clock customer service. The high demand for customer service is due to its numerous users across the world. You could reach the customer service through phone, email, and live chat on their Facebook or website. 

Secure platform

It is a highly reliable app offering adequate encryption and Site lock security. They also offer a foolproof password policy. 

Immediate Edge App has been known to collaborate with highly regulated brokers. It would guarantee the safety of the deposit despite the highly unlikely event of the broker going bankrupt.

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