Dental Filling, A Sure Way to Avoid Going the Tooth Extraction Route

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Have you ever thought of the perfect way to halt tooth decay and prevent your tooth from wasting away? Well, if you have, then a dental filling is your solution. Apart from saving your tooth from decay, the dental treatment will also restore your tooth’s natural appearance and function. Mostly preferable when working on small decaying areas, your dentist will remove the decayed part of your tooth and replace it with the filling material, which acts as a barrier to shield your tooth from harmful bacteria. New York aesthetic dental fillings professionals understand that cavities are the primary cause of dental problems, they help their patients restore their smiles without extracting their teeth.

What Should You Expect During the Dental Procedure?

Before your dentist begins the treatment, he will numb the treatment area with local anesthesia. When the area around your affected tooth is numb, the professional will use an air abrasion instrument, drill, or laser to remove the decayed part of your tooth. Your dentist’s choice of equipment will depend on his comfort level, expertise, and investment.

The specialist will probe the area to confirm if he has removed all the decayed parts of your tooth. After the evaluation, your dentist will clean the debris and bacteria treatment area to make it ready for filling. Suppose the decay went deep near your roots, the expert will line the area with filling material like composite resin to shield your nerve.

Your dentist will then apply your tooth-colored material in layers, making sure to harden every layer with a special light. When your dentist is through with the multi-layering process, he will shape the filling material to the desired shape, trimming off any excess. The treatment ends with the specialist polishing your final result.

What Factors Make You Eligible for Dental Filling?

Your doctor is likely to recommend a dental filling if:

  • You have a tooth cavity, but your affected tooth’s structure is intact and the damage has not extended to your gums and roots.
  • You need to change your filling because what you have is temporary and not durable.
  • You have lost a vast proportion of your tooth from an impact, but you have enough structure to support an indirect filling.

Why Is it Necessary for You to Go for a Dental Filling?

A dental filling has several benefits, for instance:

  • It helps protect your smile. You will feel confident smiling and showing off your teeth when there is no decay. Additionally, if you fail to discuss the option with your doctor, your tooth may further decay, forcing you to go for an extraction.
  • A filling shields your tooth from unnecessary damage. When your dentist does not remove the infected part, the bacteria are likely to spread to adjacent teeth.

Besides repairing tooth decay effects, your doctor could also use dental treatment to deal with other issues like broken or cracked teeth resulting from misuse, impact, or injury.

You do not have to necessarily wait until you have a decayed tooth before you contact your dentist for a dental filling. Even those tiny, harmless holes in your teeth could benefit from the treatment. They could be harmless but a potential hide-out for harmful bacteria that might eventually result in tooth decay. Contact the dental experts today or book an appointment to learn more about dental fillings.   

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