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We don’t just talk about the good life. We must make it happen. How to secure your loved one’s life in your absence? A policy that an individual or business entity purchases to protect themselves in the event of difficult financial situations or loss is called insurance. 

Insurance policy can help you protect what matters most to you in your lifetime. If any individual or their property involved in an accident or any incident cause damage to other property or their property, insurance covers the financial losses. 

Search the best insurance agency nearby to get a secure and safe life. Kelly Lee Insurance company in Louisiana is an independent and private agency, provides the coverage you need at an affordable price. Their mote is “ our Policy is Caring”. Kelly Lee’s insurance agencies provide Home Insurance, Life insurance, Auto insurance, and Business Insurance.

Kelly Lee Insurance agency can help to take care of your home and assets. We offered standard and preferred Homeowners Insurance, Mobile Home Insurance, Renters Insurance, and dwelling Insurance.

What is a mobile home?

Mobile homes are fabricated in a factory and then delivered and placed at the location, unlike a regular house that is built on-site: simply a manufactured house or moveable house.

Mobile or manufactured house is quite basic these days. You get very elegant and beautiful manufactured homes. Trends, styles, and features make customers demand a new mobile house.

Mobile home insurance

Mobile or manufactured houses do not have foundations; they are movable or portable. You may not notice the difference between when you are living in the mobile home vs. regular home, but there is a difference in insurance coverage.

The basic home insurance policy will cover three major categories as

  • Your house
  • Your belongings and valuable things
  • Personal liability for injury and damage property for others

There are dozens of rules about when and where coverage does or does not apply. A standard home insurance policy generally protects your home and possessions from theft, fire, lightning, wind, and hail. One key difference between a mobile home and a standard home insurance policy is needed coverage during transportation.

If your mobile home gets damaged by natural calamities like earthquakes and floods, you need to purchase additional insurance. Another major difference is that before the home is delivered, the land should be prepared for the mobile home installation. Coverage is needed while the electricity and plumbing setup.

Kelly Lee’s insurance agency has representatives who specialize in the mobile home. You will get the best protection and reasonable advice on how to cover a disastrous situation. They will help you to know how to work with your mobile home manufacturer and contractor in construction while protecting your side.

Choosing the right mobile home, you want your insurance to fit your needs and lifestyle. You also want the coverage to fit within your budget.

List of Mobile Home Insurance coverage policies

Home is one of the biggest investments, so you must understand the insurance policies involved to protect your investment. Kelly Lee Insurance provides Mobile Home insurance policies that include standard home insurance policies along with other coverage policy such as

  • Dwelling insurance policies
  • Separate structures policies
  • Contents policies
  • Loss of use policy
  • Personal Liability
  • Medical Payments

Depending on the specific insurance agency you choose and the policy types, some endorsements can be added to protect items like expensive collectibles, jewelry heirlooms or a based business.

Dwelling insurance policy

Dwelling as just physical structure that they live in, dwelling coverage may help to protect more than that. Dwelling coverage is the part of your homeowner’s insurance policy that may help to pay for the rebuilding or the repair of the physical structure of your home if a covered hazard damages it.

This policy helps you to add coverage damages done by floods, earthquakes and water leakage.

Separate structures policies

​This part of the policy helps to protect the physical structures of buildings of your home. Structures like your garage also are covered by dwelling insurance, as long as the garage is attached to your home.

Personal liability coverage policy

Personal liability coverage protects you when there issue or a lawsuit against you after someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your activities. Claims include medical expenses, lost wages, and even property damage to others. Liability coverage does not pay for your injuries or the other members of your household.

Personal property

This part of the property helps to protect your valuable things and belongings inside your household. This coverage includes furniture, smart TV, jewelry, documents, and other electronic devices. If your important documents or jewelry are stolen or damaged, personal property coverage could help you to replace them.

Medical payments protection

This policy can help to cover medical expenses for a person who is injured by your activities.

Kelley Lee’s insurance agency offers an instant mobile home insurance quote online. Kelly Lee Insurance agency in Louisiana helps you to protect your home and your family members from natural disasters or hazards.

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